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      Hi,I’m new to this site. I haven’t looked at everything but I like it so far.

      Have any moms out there potty trained their baby before they started talking. I have an 18month that is not talking yet. I was thinking about potty training her but don’t now if I should wait till she starts talking. I have 2 older children that are almost 10 and 8 so it’s been a while since I potty trained. I know my son was talking when I potty trained I’m not sure about my daughter because she started talking late too.

      Thank you!


        Hi there,
        I have potty trained a few of our children right about the age where their vocabulary is broad enough to us words to communicate and also to understand what it is I’m wanting them to do. It has usually fallen at 2yrs. of age. That’s not to say, that some pretraining didn’t go on before that. You can certainly try letting her sit on a smaller potty around the house to get use to the feel of it. (with or without clothes on) Then gradually move it closer to the bathroom. Try taking her into the bathroom with you to use the potty and she will begin to understand what goes on. As it gets closer to summer, I find it’s easier to just let my almost 2 yr. old wear panties and a dress, or T-shirt, that way it’s a little easier to take her frequently and she won’t be annoyed by having to climb in and out of pants so much.

        Overall, I’d say, whether she’s talking or not, if she’s showing signs of staying dry in her diaper at night, and for long periods during the day, try taking her as soon as she wakes up and then again after meals. See how she does by just sitting her there and not making a big fuss over it. Let her get down if she wants and go about your day. Try again in about an hour or so. If she becomes mad, or reluctant to go with you or says “no”, then just be patient and give her a few more days, or another week. Certainly, if she is showing signs of being upset about your new activity for her, I would stop for a bit then reintroduce it slowly sometime later.

        Good luck,


          Thank you myangelsinheaven. I will try it. I’m 4 weeks pregnant. I would love to have her potty trained before our baby is born. That would be great.


            I know how you feel. I have had two in diapers many times and it is no fun. I think you’ll have enough time to get her trained before the baby is here, but be prepared for some set backs when the baby arrives. It may or may not be a problem for her, but usually when something upsets their normal routine, or a new baby is in the house, their emotions are affected and it will come out in all different areas. (usually potty accidents) They won’t last though. She will settle back into the potty ritual once the baby has been there awhile.

            Good luck and let us know if you need any other help. I hope you have a beautiful and healthy pregnancy.
            I’m always here to talk.



              Everyone does it a little different but I waited until my daughter showed interest in wanting to learn. She was about 2 years and then as a reward she would get m & m’s. Best of luck! Jessica

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