Postnatal deppresion

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      Hey me again…

      I dont know what to 17 and hav a beautiful 3month old daughter éabha.. im not sure how exactly to explain this but ill try

      Im constantly getting down..
      Snapping at my boyfriend..
      Cant leave my daughter long without feeling over anxious..
      Hate bein around people
      Feel like im constantly putting on this fake smile for eveyr1
      cry myself to sleep
      and im getting urges to self harm which used 2 be a problem i had..

      its all tearin me apart and i dont know why i feel like this because i love my daughter ..but its gettin to a stage where i cant really hide it anymore id a panic attack in our local youth centre …my bfs sister caught me cryin..and my parents are startin to worry

      im due bak 2 school nxt week but i cant do it…

      i probably sound like im just feelin sorry 4 myself but i really am tryin to be happy..i just cant and i dont know what to do


        You could have postpartum depression which is a REAL PROBLEM…not just feeling sorry for yourself. Talk to your doctor about the way you’ve been feeling; you may need to be put on some temporary medication until your hormones stabilize. This also could be just plain old depression. Again, talk to your doctor about your symptoms because this IS an illness and you need to get it taken care of for your happiness’ sake and your child’s.


          It sounds like maybe you are experiencing some postpardom depression.It is very common, my mother had it when she had my sister and it was very difficult.She felt so anxious and she couldn’t talk to anyone because she thought she had to look like a happy new mother.I think you should try to tlak to your boyfriend or your parents about your feelings.It is TOTALLY natural to have some anxiety after having a baby because your
          hormones just went sky high and then rapidly dropped.You definatley should try and talk to someone because you can’t keep these feelings bottled up,it’s best to try and talk about it.If it is serious than you can speak to a therapist or even your regular ob/gyn.I think talking to your doctor would also help because she can tell you if this is just regular mood swings or something more serious like postpardum depression.I want to tell you please don’t feel like you sound like your feeling sorry for yourself because I think a lot of new moms feel this way but don’t talk about it, so I think your very brave talking about this issue.I also had depression after my 2nd baby and I was put on medication for a while and it really helped.I’m here if you need anyone to talk to because I can totally relate.Please let me know how your doing.You’ll be in my thoughts!
          Love, Savannah xoxo

          princess Angela

            I think the best thing for you to do would be go speak to your local doctor or maybe a midwife at ur local hospital… they should be able to help u and fix it before ur get to bad … an self harming you will be doing yourself an daughter a favour by seeing a doctor…


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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