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      My boyfriend and I have had sex one time, but used a condom. I had my period after our first time, so everything was okay. A couple weeks ago he stuck it in, but didnt ejaculate and I heard that pre-cum alone can get you pregnant. My period was supposed to come last week, I’m so scared. I’m only 15!Do you think I may be pregnant?


        I would take a test if I were you, just to be certain. If the test is negative, I would see a doctor. A lot though can make your period late…. stress, lack of sleep, diet changes… However, whenmy husband and I have sex he would pull out so we could avoid getting pregnant, and guess what…. I’m now 2 months pregnant. Good luck with whatever happens, and keep us posted.


          It’s possible that stress and other factors have delayed your period… Just relax and try not to worry about it. I’m about a week late on mine as well, so I will cross my fingers for both you and me!! Try to continue on normally. :side:


            hey all i can say if u need someone to talk to email ok


              you can get pregnant from pre cum but there could be other reasons why you are late just relax and take a pregnancy test i know how scary it can be i got pregnant at 15 your not alone dont worry try and relax take it one day at a time


                I am 15 too and I got pregnant when I was 14 we didnt use a condom one time and he didnt ejaculate but I still got pregnant so go get a test to see if you are because the longer you wait the more harm you could do to your child.

                Good Luck


                  Thanks everyone for your support. I am happy to say that I ended up having my period a week ago. (It wasnt just spot bleeding either because it was a little heavier than usual and it lasted for 5 days). I am so relieved, but thank you all for caring and helping. 🙂


                  P.S.- I hope you, Leslie, had your period as well.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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