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      My name is Amber, I am 19 years old.. and I need some help from someone who has been pregnant before.
      Here’s my story.. My boyfriend and I had sex on the second day of my period.
      We didn’t use a condom, and he didn’t pull out.. so I think I may be pregnant?
      I have heard that you cannot get pregnant during your period, which I found out was a lie! I have missed 2 periods now.. I took a pregnancy test today, and it came out negative.. but I completely think it’s wrong..
      My symptoms are very sore and rock hard breasts.. I have to pee almost every 10-15 min.. and I am pretty tired. I am not feeling any nausea.. and I am not vommiting.. I do not have any cravings.. but sometimes when I eat a meal I feel sick fast.. Am I stressing? Or is there a possibility? Please help me out!!!

      Love Lots!



        Hey! There’s definitely a possibility that you are pregnant. The sore breasts and frequent urination are common, as is the nausea after meals. Normally, the day that you are most likely to get pregnant is 14 days after the start of your last period. However, it is possible to get pregnant during your period. And, the pregnancy hormone doesn’t show up on a test for a 2-3 weeks, so you might want to wait a week or so and try another test. Good luck!



          Oh, sorry…you said you’ve missed two periods. So, you could still take another at home test. But, if you’re really thinking it’s wrong, you can go to the doctor and they will give you a test.

          young wife 23

            well this is my first pregnancy all i can say is buy a CLEARBLUE TEST CLEARBLUE NEVER LIE APPARENTLY put it this way i did 5 tests 3 was negative the 4th was the pridictor which told me not sure but then i did clearblue and it was positive id recommend clearblue everytime.


              MR. TORRE

                HELLO! well theres a good chance that you might be
                prego because u have missed two periods!!! but just
                take another test because i’m going through
                sumthing similar, i did it on my ovulation day and dayz
                later i started getting lil babie cramps and dayz before
                i was due for my period i got sick…nausea! throwin up!!
                head aches! and my appetite has changed am eating
                alot more than before…but yesterday i took a
                clearblue easy wutever and it came out negative
                so it cold be wrong just take another one or go to the doctors to get that checked….goodluck girl!
                ~i wunt to be a mommie~

                One Sexy Mama

                  heyyy..there can always be a false negative..but never a false positive .i think you should take another test just to be certain.and yes i was pregnant before! good luck

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