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      In 2007 I had a forced abortion since i was only 16 at the time. Well needless to say, the father stayed through all that, now were married and hes being deployed in 2 weeks or so. The thing is that i more than likely pregnant yet again. Ive been showing symptoms but its too early to tell just yet. The thing is the 2007 abortion really screwed up my insides. If i am i got a good chance of messing up my system some more, misscarriage, etc. On top of the coming up deployment, i dont think i could handle all that. Id keep the child but how is someone supposed to handle all that? Hes been deployed before but i was living with my friend. Now im in GA essentially alone with my friends/family 24 hours away.


        It sounds like you regret your first abortion. You are not alone. Most women do. And it sounds like your first abortion caused you some internal damage. Don’t put yourself through that again. Don’t make your life harder than you have to.

        There are pregnancy resource centers all across the US that can help you with this. They can hold your hand through every step of your pregnancy and after you have your baby. You won’t be alone. Everything there is free and they would LOVE to help you. It’s their job!

        To find the pregnancy resource center that is closest to you just go to http://www.optionline.org, click on “Find a center” type in your zip code and a list of centers will appear. Just call one and tell them what you just said above. They will be so glad that you called.


          Wow ma’am…I’m sorry that you had an abortion and lost your child. But the great thing is that you have someone that is there for you through it ALL. So since he’s been there through it all that time I’m sue even from a adistance his heart’ll never leave your side….You do have a lot of things to juggle and I applaud you for going out and seeking some advice before you act on anything. Even if you are not you should take care of yourself as if you are to try to get your body healthy as can be so when you do(or if you are) your body won’t reject the baby or you for that matter. Stressing out and worrying about any of this will make you sick and put the pregnancy in more danger so js hang in there and take everything one moment at a time and if you both are as close as what I’m getting let him in on your situation b/c by not including him you’re taking on y’alls taks by yourself. Don’t stress just think about one thing at a time, decide on how you are going to handle it and then proceed and be confident in your chioces and decisions so that your sound decisions are the right ones for you your (might-be-baby) and your fiance and him being deployed…also moving to new territory with no family and friends’ is hard ( I’ve done that 9 times in the last 2years with two kids so I kinda knw where you’re coming from). Js take everything oen day at a time.
          Good Luck and God Bless!!!!!
          and if you are….CONGRATS!!!!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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