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      so…. this is my problem… i think i might be pregnant.

      i was suppose to get my peroid on sunday… im on the pill so i always get it when im suppose to its never late or irregular. but all i have is spotting…. and idk why.

      i missed one pill this past month but i took it as soon as i remembered….

      my breasts are tender, im moody as hell, and i never get that as pms either…

      i check when i was ovulating and i def had sex on that day…

      and im worried becasue i missed that one pill and my boy friend and i have un portected sex and we happened to on the day i was ovulating and that im spotting when ive always been regular that i could be pregnant… what do you think?



        Hey there bo-peep, I’m Meg and I help out here on the site..have you taken a test yet?? I would say that is your first step if your late/spotting….it is not 100% abnormal to be spotting because of missing that one pill, I was on the pill for a while because my husband and I were not ready for a baby at the time…I missed a pill and backed it up and then missed a pill and backed it up again, I had a very strange period…I started spotting 4 days early and then I bled for almost another week…I was so confused so I now what you are going through… on the other hand birth control in any form other than abstinence doesn’t protect you from pregnancy 100% of the time…there is a chance you could be pregnant…how about this..call Option line at 1-800-395-HELP, they can give you the number and location of the closest pregnancy center to you where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test, plus you will have someone there to counsel you depending on the results…I know that you don’t really want to hear this because I didn’t. but…abstinence until marriage is really ad truly the best way to go, I was sexually active for 10 years and had multiple partners, it left me feeling used, unwanted and with two kids from two dads on my own… when I found out I was pregnant with my second I made the choice to remain abstinent until my wedding night…it was 2 1/2 years later and I kept that promise to myself and have never regretted it once..I had some lonely nights but anytime I was tempted to have sex I remembered the pain of childbirth before marriage, not just the labor pains and the pushing, but the pain of not having a hand to hold, the pain of seeing my sons dads girlfriend at the end of the maternity ward, the pain of being alone in the hospital on Thanksgiving while I so badly wanted a husband to be with me, the pain of getting those looks from others who noticed my two kids but the absence of a wedding ring…it is just not worth it…you are precious and your body is a gift for some lucky guy one day…but…don’t just give yourself to anyone…make him say I DO first, you deserve better…I would never take my kids back…I love them and they were worth learning things the hard way, but…I could have waited to bring them into a happily established marriage like I did with the child who is in my womb right now…I am due in July with a planned pregnancy, a wanted child between a husband and a wife, for the first time my dad was excited to hear I was pregnant…the last two times he didn’t talk to me for months…I don’t agree with his choice to ignore me and he never asks to talk to the kids on the phone and it hurts, it is not their fault I made a poor choice…compare the two and realize that if you are not pregnant right now that you still have the chance to stop in your tracks and wait to bring a baby into a loving marriage and your family will rejoice rather than groan….if you are pregnant right now then it is too late to turn back time…your family may groan at first but they will come to accept the baby and shower you and baby with love but you can still choose to not let it happen again until marriage just like I did….we are all here for you on Standupgirl and I am anxiously awaiting to hear the results from you….if you ever need someone to talk to I am here, not to judge, not to condemn but to guide and encourage and to share my experiences in hopes that you will not do the same as I did for years…but rather spread your wings and fly like butterfly who has just escaped the death of the caterpillar and was made new and given a second chance at life…I have been given my wings so to put it but I sure wish I would have learned sooner… Love Meg… meg@standupgirl.com


          thank you a bunch. it means a lot and yea i think i will call that number to see where i can go… to me it will be ok either way, but i am just scared of the unknown. ill keep you posted and thanks again.


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