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      can someone give me answers????!!!!

      ok so this is my situation…

      i am on birthcontrol pills but i had stopped taking them for a week. In fact the last time that I had taken them was the last week of pills when my cycle came on. The following week i didnt take any. This was on December 8, 2006. Well i had unprotected sex on December 17, 2006 … twice. That same night i called in my prescription for another pack of pills and took it that night. 3 days later we had unprotected sex again as well as the next day too, except this time i was taking my pills. About 2 weeks after this around Christmas, is when i noticed that i was going to the bathroom WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY more frequently than normal, and i also felt sick a couple times. I have been eating like no other. my appetite is crazy, My breasts feel slightly heavier also…not much aching tho.. but its hard to tell because i am a large breasted person to begin with. THen there are also times when I feel sick after i eat. I thought that i was pregnant. but then today my period came on..well atleast i think its my period or it could just be spotting..its not as heavy as my period usually is when it first comes on. Is it possible that i am pregnant even though i think that it was my period that came on…or do those symptoms sound like pregnancy symptoms??? someone anyone just give me some advice and input and let me know what you guys think could be the case…Oh yea i took a pregnancy test about a week after we had sex but it came out negative but i also think i took it too early…



        The only way to know whether or not you’re pregnant is to take a test. Wait to see if your spotting turns into more than that and if it never turns into a "real" period, take another test. I doubt you’d experience much appetite change or breast heaviness this early on, but you would feel the nausea and frequent urination. Good luck!


          Personally, I think it is pretty early to be having all those symptoms,
          I might be wrong though, I will kee you in my thoughts!!


            First off yes it is way to early to test..you need wait and see if your next period comes and if it doesnt then i would wait about a wk after your suppsoed to have it and test again. I’m not sure if you could get preg why on the pill but I’ve heard of alot of people getting preg while on the pill..so good luck and keep me posted..and yes they do sound like preg syptoms to me.


              well anything is possible hun, you may be pregnant, however stop starting your pill like that will mess with your hormones, make your breasts sore and put your period out of whack, i suggest you stay off the pill for while in case you are pregnant and take a test in a few weeks.
              good luck hunni
              and keep us posted!

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