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      Hi me n my boyfriend have been havin unprotected sex for a while n last month my period period was real unregular it was real light 4 like 2 or 3 days n then just slowly went away. I went to da doctor da day after it stopped n took a test that cam out negative but now im havin sore breast(with a lot of blue veins in my breast) and sore nipples but that da n a lil bit of slight headaches are the only symptoms im havin. I would be think its pms but AF aint due for another week n a half and this has been goin on for like a week so im startin to get a lil nervous… Any advice would greatly help Thanks…

      princess Angela

        My frist and only symptom to start with was very very sore nipples… then came nasuia and things like that but i also had like 5 negitives even a negitive blood test when i would have been around 2-3weeks pregnant….. then a week last a took another one an that came out positive…. i did 3 tests over that week … they just kept gettin stronger lines… so about 3-4 weeks later i went to the doctors an had an ultrasound and i was approx 7-8weeks pregnant… with edd 31-7-2008…

        Negitives can be wrong… if you dont have enough hormone in ur urine/blood u may find urself facin a false negivtive…

        So give it a week or 2 and try retesting that would be ur best bet… its hard to wait but u get there in the end….

        PLus if ur pregnant waitin that 9 months seems so much longer hahaha

        Hope this helpt


          Hey, My first symptons were tiredness, headachs and really sore breasts, i also found that the vains were much easier to see (darker).

          If you have had unprotected sex then are you trying to get pregnant? Anyway, sometimes tests can come out negative because its simply too early in the pregnancy to tell, so if your really nervous its worth getting another test done, home tests work pretty well if you want to save a doctors visit again. If it comes back negative (more than a week after your period was due) then your prob not pregnant.



            you should take a few tests. im 25 weeks pregnant now and i took a test one day and it was negative and then like 3 or 4 days later i took another test and it was positive. but then i went back and looked at the first test and it was a very very very faint positive.

            take a test early in the morning because thats when theres supposed to be more hormones and stuff.


              yes, wait a wk or so and do another test.
              that spotting sounds like implantation. Mine lasted 3 days with my first bub.

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