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      I am 34 w haveith 4 kids and married my husband had a vvysectomy 5 years ago.i have all the signs my boobs are about to pop out of my bra there tender nausous no vommiting but frequent urination and stomach bloating my next period wil be here on the 2nd week in febuary. I bought a test but it didnt work no lines or anything oh yeah one of my other signs is my rash on my neck that i normally have is becoming more noticable and it sreading to my face like it has for every pregnacy im really scared to say anything to anybody beause like i said before my huband had a vesectomy i dont know what to desperate need to here some body elses thought on this situation see if im crazy:huh:


        Are you saying that your too scared to say anything to him because he might think you are cheating if you ARE pregnant. Seems like a possibility but if its only just happened after 5 yrs thats weird. It could also mean that his operation was a botched job which does happen also.


          It will become obvious soon enough.
          I know that sometimes it freaks you out and you begin to make up possibilities. There have been several occasions where men have had children after vasectomies. They are not 100 percent guarenteed, and yet it is horrible when yuo are that 1 percent b/c it makes your spouse think you have been unfaithful.
          Tell your husband, things will be hectic for a while but you should be able to with medical counsel explain to him that these things do happen and you have been a faithful and loving wife.
          Good luck

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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