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      I totally spaced on the last time i got my period and I dont know if Im due soon or not. I had sex a few weeks ago and we had no protection *i know its our fault please dont yell* and I’ve had the feeling of being preggos since last mondayish *jan. 14th*. Im not sure if its major pms symptoms or not-like im way more ‘brattier’ than i am when i usually pms and i feel like im gonna throw up everything i eat, i get annoyed about every little thing now and i never was even when pmsing, i have major cravings for Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets, and i have a forever headache and my boobs are soo swollen like tehy wont fit into my bras anymore and i just bought bigger ones during the summer …Im not sure if i should test yet or not and what are good tests..i’ve used the wal*mart brand and its given me a false positive before and i dont want to use that kind again even though its the only one i can afford right now..

      that and im getting lots and lots of discharged…idk how else to explain it but it feels like im ‘queefing’ and ugh i dont know i just wish all of this would just go away…


        Well if you are pregnant it should definately show up on a test by now. I cant advise on brands (in in Aus) but i do know false positives are very rare regardless of the brand so chances are you would be ok. Is there a pregnancy centre or somewhere you could get a test done for free?


          Well it sounds like you could be pregnant, The best thing to do right now would be to call Optionline…1-800-395-HELP….you can call and they will give you the number and location of the closest Womens Pregnancy Center to you where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test…That way you wont be alone when you find out too, they are trained very well in counseling girls who just find out they are pregnant and many of the workers in those centers have been there themselves in the past…that is why they do what they do…it will be free and if you are pregnant they can maybe give you a free ultrasound too…I am 17 weeks along with my third, I have enough breast for 3 women and I have experienced the cravings and the discharge as well…it really sounds like you could be but I am not a pregnancy test or a doctor so you should get to a pregnancy center ASAP to ensure that if you are you can get the best prenatal care you can and if you are not you can take the next step into finding out what is going on with your body…let us all know…we are here for you and you are not alone, take care…Love Meg


            i gots more info 🙂

            ok I had sex on January 10th. but I believe I had my period during Xmas and New Years..once again Im not sure..sorry. Ok so I’ve had symptoms for 2 weeks but I feel its too early to test. It also my stomach looks bloated like after a nice thanksgiving dinner but everyone says it looks flat *i’ll take pics later* and I can eat forever. Im not sure if I had said this or not but I can eat a whole large #1 from McD’s *big mac* and could still go for a 20 piece chicken nugget. Also I have gained about 2 lbs. which doesnt seem much but i dont gain weight so its kinda making me freak out more about being prego. Ill keep you guys updated on everything and when I take a test Ill tell if its pos. or neg.

            oh and about this discharge..its kinda clear and has an odd smell to it…could that be a sign of being pregnant or a sign of an sti or something??? thanks

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