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      Hi is there anyone out there that would answer my question because everytime I post a topic I never get ans plz help.

      First can anyone define what is an irregular period

      my little story My periods did not come in jan but havent had much symptoms but this also happened in nov 2007 and then it came 15th dec 2007 plz tell me whats going on the think is that no matter what i am always hugry but I know this happens when your period is due.

      plz plz help


        irregualr means that ur period doens’t come every say 28 days….it may be 20 days one month and 30 the next….regualr is when ir period comes at a constant (like every 28 days)….hope this helps….


          hey an irregular period is when ur periods dont follow the 28 day cycle. U may miss periods altogether or they may come days or weeks late. Irregular periods are common when girls first get their periods, quite often when girls lose weight etc. Their are several reasons why they occur but these are the most common. Hope this helped =)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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