plz help me !!!

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      plz help me im 14 and had *** about 7 weeks ago
      should i take a pregnancy test and hope my mum doesnt find it or should i just leave it all together and hope this is all a dream!
      i dont know what to do!
      i carnt tell my parents cos they will go totally mad!
      my tummy is getting bigger, but is that just from easter eggs?
      what if this and what if that !
      if im am pregnant what if i go into labor at school?
      plz somone help me i just dont know what to do im so confused



        Dear Lottie,

        Don’t worry. If it is pregnancy, you can do it! The worst thing is not knowing if you’re pregnant. When you know, then you just take it one step at a time.

        In the end, you might find your mum IS the best person to talk to. Mine was! Your parents might get upset, but that’s because you’re their baby, and they can’t believe you’re going to be a mum. And they want you to be happy, so they’re going to worry. Just tell her exactly how you feel, and be very very honest.

        I’m having a baby in a few weeks, so it’s all fresh in my mind! Feel free to email me.


        P.S. You won’t go into labour at school! You can take some time off school around your due date. Its the big break that everyone understands. Plus labour starts with cramps or a backache, so you’ll know when it’s happening.


          calm down you will be making yorself worse
          this happend witth me when i was yor age just wait and see


            Hi Lottie,
            i’m inthe same boat as u i’m 14 and i might b pregnant i think about think about thoses things things 2 i toldmy boyfriend and he said wait till i miss a period , have u missed yours if so take a test. my parents r going 2 totally flip out they both think i’m a virgin so does the rest of my of family .i told my boyfrind if im pregnant i’m just going 2 hide and not tell any1 and he said dont because we need 2 make sure the baby is healthy but i’m so scared .maybe we can keep i touch it’ll b nice 2 know some 1 whos going through the same thing as me just keep in touch and tell us if u find anything out
            Good Luck* Poohbear8 😉 :S :huh: :ermm: B) :silly: :cheer: :side: :blink: :laugh: :ohmy: 😉 🙂 oh i wish i could give u my email but i cant c ya

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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