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      i lost hope. i dont know what to do and i need an advice.. i had sex with my boyfriend..( a couple of weeks ago..) and my period was due yesterday but today still my period hasn’t come i need an advice! im completely feeling normal.. I DONT HAVE MORNING SICKNESS, NO SPOTTING, NO VOMITING I FEEL COMPLETELY NORMAL AND THE LAST TIME I HAD SEX WITH MY BOY FRIEND HE DIDNT EJACULATE INSIDE OF ME.. SO AM I PREGNANT?? PLS HELP!!!!!! πŸ™


        ok., do not worry so much., wait for a couple of weeks., if still no period then take a test., ok.?


          Ok so first of all we do not know if you are pregnant and there is no way of anybody giving you a accurate answer to that one. Early pregnancy symptoms and PMS are the same so if you miss your period take a test that is your best bet. Also why are you having sex if you worry so much? Also if he ejaculated or not does not make a difference Pre Cum has a equal chance of getting you pregnant.


            Even if a man doesn’t ejaculate, some sperm can be released before he does. So ‘pulling out’ doesn’t work. Hang in there, and if you must be sexually active, (which you are under no obligation to do, no matter what people say!) avoid intercourse. You are most fertile mid cycle, but women can get pregnant any time during their cycle. It is OK to say no to sex, even if you have had sex with your boyfriend already. Sometimes people think that once they start they can’t just say, “hey, we took a risk, now we should not do that again!” but you can.


              You can always take a test to find out good luck


                stop worrying, because the stress of you worrying about you thinking your pregnant, is most likely delaying your period.


                  Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t worry yet :side:
                  Periods can be late cos of stress, change in diet and exercise and even just for no reason at all πŸ™‚
                  Also, if you do start experiencing symptoms, it might not be cos you’re pregnant, it might just be cos you’re so worried that you are. That happened to me, I had my periods and took two negative tests but I was like 100% sure I was still pregnant cos I had loads of symptoms. Eventually I went to a clinic and the nurse read another negative test, that reassured me more and since that all my symptoms have been going away. There could be a chance that you could be pregnant cos of the whole pre-cum thing, which is why I was so worried, but just cos your period’s a few days late it doesn’t mean you’re pregnant :side:
                  If you still have doubts take a test, and if that still doesn’t put your mind at ease, go to a clinic, they’re free and 100% confidential πŸ˜‰
                  Good luck πŸ™‚

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