Pls help. I dont know what to do if i get pregnant

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      Hi everyone. Im new here. Im 23 and been feeling symptoms of pregnancy until now 14 days after the deed. I got 6 negative hpts but i feel a tugging sensation all over my abdomen and even down my uterus for the past 3-4 days. So not really convinced that im not PG. im really worried to be one coz i dont know how to let my family and friends know about it. I dont want to see their disappointment and worst rejection. I know i may be at the right age but there are certain things im worried about if i get pregnant – like i wont be able to support my family financially anymore/ my family & friends wont accept my relationship with bf. im also anxious of judgment from other people. So would appreciate encouraging words to help me with my situatiion right now. Btw, will try another hpt tom and will see how it goes. Fingers crossed its a bfn.


        Hey Resilientgirl….It IS possible to be pregnant and get false negative tests….The best time to test is first thing in the morning with your first urine of the day, that is when a test is most accurate….Some women, like myself, do not show up on pregnancy tests right away and some women never do….I even registered negative on a blood test at 5 weeks along with my first….Here is what I want you to do, If your HPT’s were taken at any other time than first thing in the morning with your first urine of the day, then retest in the morning….If you HAVE tested in the morning with your first urine then I would opt for taking a blood test, just call your Gynecologist and see if they can send you to straight to the lab to avoid an office visit charge….If your blood test comes back negative and you are 6 weeks late for your period ask for them to give you an ultrasound to confirm visually that there is no one hiding out in there…..If all of these leads are exhausted, your period has not come and you are still feeling this issue deep inside, please be screened for an STD (although doing that right off the bat may not be a bad idea just to rule it out) I hope you will do these things and then come back to let us all know what you find out, you can also email me privately at….I hope to hear back from you soon and no worries…lets just take things ONE step at a time….Hang in there, you don’t have to to all this alone…Also here is a great resource to get a FREE test… Visit this website, , Enter your postal code into the site and it will give you the contact info for the closest Pregnancy Resource Center to you where you can get help! Love Meg


          Hi Meg. Thanks so much for the advice. I’ve done 2 tests with my first urine in the morning, yesterday and today- both negative. I will try again tomorrow and if same result comes out, im going on a visit to a clinic and have blood test done. I must admit that its been quite stressful these past 2 weeks not being sure of being pregant or not. I dont know if this is a symptom, but ive been feeling somethings moving inside my belly like something is growing very quickly aleady! (or i must be paranoid). Im hoping that this is a PMS symptom (but i dont remember feeling this before m/c comes) and my period will show up any minute for me to have some ease of mind. But anyways, thanks again for your inputs. Much appreciated!



            Just wondering if you were able to take a new pregnancy test yet? I know you’ve been through this before, but you should really go to a Pregnancy Resource Center or doctor to take a blood test. It’s been awhile since your period and there is something going on..but it could just be the stress of the situation! I hope everything goes as you would like, but know we are all here to support you if you need anything.

            Meg was so right about the Pregnancy Resource Centers…they have so much to offer and there is never any pressure or feeling like you are trapped. Everything is confidential and they just want to be there for you. You should give them try!

            Take care and we hope you will keep us posted!



              Hi, sorry for not being able to update. I did another hpt last tuesday 26 june ( that would put me on 37 cd, my period is usually 35-40 days) and its a negative again. the following day i went to see an ob gyn and had another pt there and another negative. The dr told me to wait until july 9 for my period to come, and if it doesn’t, thats the time to do hpt. If result is still -, im advised to have ultrasound to know whats going on. Im really looking forward to my AF, and im going crazy waiting! πŸ™ . Til now AF is not showing up so i like to do hpt (for the nth time) despite dr’s advice to wait til july 9. Im feeling really hopeless as time flies by and yet no AF. πŸ™ . As for the symptoms, what i experience now is i think slightly full bbs and the strange movement in abdomen and feeling hot. (hope this is all in my mind only!) Deep in my heart, ive really prayed hard to Jesus to forgive my sins and asked for another chance. I feel miserable about my situation now. πŸ™ i pray God would show mercy on me and grant my prayer though i dont deserve it. πŸ™ anyways ill keep you posted how things go on for me. Thanks for the advice!


                Yes, I hope everything goes well for you. And yes God is gracious and compassionate and Lord over all things. I hope you (and I) can better understand His great love. Like a friend just told me, “If we could see His face, and see the great love in His eyes, we’d only want to honor and please Him.” It reminds me that I want to follow how God wants me to live, because he’s the man who loves me most and knows what’s best for me. I hope/know that you will learn and grow through all that you’ve been through recently! Blessings and keep us posted.

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