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      good day everyone,
      to begin, i am really new here, and i am 17 weeks pregnant. i have told some of my friends already but i havent told my parents yet. i feel that they will not understand me.

      i grew up with my grandparents and they already passed away. my mom and i are not really that close and i feel that she loves my brother so much more, that when it comes to me, she hardly makes any effort. all these times, ive been trying to be close to her. and now that im thinking of telling her that i am pregnant will make her freak out, thinking that all i want from her is money which she cant and wont provide.

      im in 1st year college and i dont know where to get financial support.

      my bf is willing to support 50/50 but i cant shoulder the other half.
      i feel so overwhelmed.

      thanks for listening, id appreciate ur suggestions:)

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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