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      Well i take birth control… one day i forgot and OFCOURSE that is the day when the condom ripped… and he came in me. I took the pill like an hour after that. Does it still prevent it???? Pllleeeaaase tell me it does! I have one baby already and i’m only 15…i cant have another. But i would never get an abortion. So please tell me if you know. Thank you. Oh and im NOT taking a test. That would just make me sick. I dont start my period till the beginning of next month.:unsure:


        I got pregnant this time around on the pill, and have heard of other ppl that have too so its not exactly foolproof. The first time i was on the pill, i was told to take it at the same time everyday, but if i forgot to take it within 4 hrs of when i usually would and it would still be effective. However, if the gap was longer than this, or if i missed one completely, to use another for of protection for one week. I guess it depends on when you usually take it, and how long after you did this time.


          Sounds like you should be okay coz you took it straight after but if you dont get your period then you will know why.


            No, I dont think you are pregnant. I think that since you took the pill an hour after, that you are okay. Some people do get pregnant while on the pill (my mom got pregnant with me while on the pill), but it is rare. As long as you take your pill everyday then you are okay, it doesnt even need to be at the same time everyday. Also, my doctor said you are allowed to miss one pill in the whole month and you will be okay, but once you miss more then one it wont work as well or not work at all.

            Good luck girl!! 🙂

            ps: You have a very beautiful daughter.



              Thank you for your advice = ) i appreciate it;) And thanks for the compliment:)

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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