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      my name is carol and am needing some advice about being pregnat
      well i just want to first start off telling you that am a 15 year old girl and i am pergnat and i don’t know what to do about it
      I asked my mom once what would she ever do if i was pergnat she reply that "i would never be trusted again". The bottom line is that i can’t tell her because it would kill her. Yeah i know it would be the best thing but i just can’t its just to hard to understand why for you guys….

      I am also a type 1 diebetic and all of this is stressed out
      This all happened on october 27th of last year in 07

      I can’t and do not wont this child am too young and its really stressing me out alot i have no one to talk to or anything

      please get back with me

      πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ :huh: :dry: :unsure:


        well hi i’m 17 and might be pregnant and seeing that you know you are i kind of know how you feel i mean, DONT STRESS OUT, been there done that and got pills for stress you just really need to relax give yourself some time to really think this through and come clean to your mum. mums are sometimes the hardest to get through, i should know my mum is the same, but you could write her a letter or sit her down nad be very mature about the situation, although she would be disappointed, she’ll just need some time to fully gasp the situation and please remember a child is a blessing not a curse


          Hey there, I agree with kafina17, if what your mom said was true and that she would say you would never be trusted again if you got pregnant then there are a lot worse things moms have said to their daughters, I understand your fear but really if you think you got pregnant in October then you really need to get to the doctor asap, I got pregnant late Sept early Oct and I am 14 weeks, there are special blood tests they do between week 15-18 that can only be done in that time and to make sure that you and baby stay healthy you need to just fess up, face the music and Stand Up, no matter how afraid you are….I bet it is scary to find out you are a mom at 15, I was terrified at 19 but you know what?? the first time you hear that heartbeat and the first time you feel that little pitter patter of kicking in your tummy you will fall in love and connect with this child in a way I could never describe…this little person needs you, whether you choose to raise this baby or go with adoption this baby needs you, you are his/her source of life right now, especially if you are diabetic you need to get to the doctor ASAP…call this number 1-800-395-HELP, it is Optionline, they can give you the number and location of the closest Womens Pregnancy Center, they can confirm your pregnancy with a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test and probably even do an ultrasound, they can also help you get on a medical plan like state medical or medicaid or something similar depending on where you live and they can even help you find the best way to tell you mom and help you through this transition…it is 100% CONFIDENTIAL and they are very educated in pregnancy and all that comes along with it…I am so glad you found Standupgirl and I am glad you have shared your issues with us, you are not alone and don’t forget it, we are all here for you and want whats best for you…just take a deep breath and take the first step, make sure you are healthy and ok so that the baby can be too, make that call and go where they tell you, the sooner you get on medical the sooner you can get to the doctor…let us all know what happens…Love Meg


            I would say something of that affect to my daughter at 15 too but really if she was i would be there to support her, not encourage her to get pregnant but if it happened it happened. I wouldn’t throw her out. Please before you make any bad decisions that will haunt you all your life. Sit down and tell her and go from there. Let us know what happens


              There are three choices.
              Abortion: you go in for the procedure, and they cut the baby into pieces and then suck it through a tube into a bottle. That is the abortion procedure for the smallest amount of weeks. (Later, you end up having to rip off the limbs and then crush the skull and spine, and after that, salt poisoning that also burns off the outer layer of the skin. I don’t really want to get into detail here, because it’s gruesome, but if you have an abortion, those details you will have to live with.) Mind you, the baby’s heart is beating at 6 weeks, and even though it is not fully developed, a newborn isn’t either, neither is a five year old. It doesn’t mean you should kill them. There is something so sacred and innocent in the life of a young one — the younger, the more vulnerable, the more full of love and trust for you, the mother, to protect.
              Adoption: if you don’t want to raise the child, you give birth, and that child goes on to LIVE. To see the sunsets and the sunrises, to walk through this life trying to find his or her own way like everyone else of us, to love and to be loved back, to taste the warm taste of heated milk and the fresh taste of water.
              Parenting: if you don’t want the baby right now, fine. Other women have done it, and done it well at 15, but if you believe that adoption is the best option, then maybe it is right for you. And although it is one of the best experiences of life, it is wholly up to you and what you choose.
              Just remember that pregnancy doesn’t happen without a reason — don’t mess with what’s meant to be.


                You definitely need to tell your mom. It will hurt her but she will be ok and eventually accept it. I can tell that she loves you by her response. She just wants the best for you.Please tell her and seek prenatal care. Your diabietes is even more of a reason that you need support from those who love you. Hang in there!

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