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      Two days ago I had unprotected sex and lastnight I took the morning after pill, but I took the second one a few hours after I was supposed to and I’ve been feeling kind of nauscious after eating, but I haven’t threw up. What do you think?Am I imagining this stuff or is it real?


        heya.. after reading this i dont think that there is a high percentage that you could be pregnant… but just to check why dont you take a pregnancy test? this should settle your mind !


          My guess would be that it’s either from worrying or from the after effects from the morning after pill. I would wait it out a little and if things persist and you notice more symptoms then go see your doctor and get a test done. If you did turn up to be pregnant it would more than likely be too soon to tell right at the moment.
          I hope that helps! good luck!


            Hey there…I had some concerns…a while back you were messaging people telling them you were 15 and ttc,now you are worried about being pregnant??? I don’t condone unmarried people TRYING to conceive but if you are trying then why would you take the morning after pill??? Have you changed your mind on ttc??? if so then why are you still having sex??? it just confuses me sometimes…girls come on here with a mission to get pregnant and when they do they freak out when their boyfriends leave them, or when things turn out just like they were told they would, sometimes a girl will get an abortion just because of fear even though she planned her pregnancy….and in your case you are taking the morning after pill rather than not having sex or taking responsibility for your actions…I am sorry if this comes on strong but someone needs to point this out…if you don’t want a baby don’t have sex…if you want a baby then you have already proved that you are not very responsible, and that you are up for changing your mind freequently about what you want…the morning after pill can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal….please don’t put this in your body again…you don’t want to hurt yourself…you are worth more than dying for fear of pregnancy…please hear me out…take a step back and a lot of deep breaths…right now it seems like you are unsure of so many things…take a break form this whole sexual lifestyle…let your body rest and don’t put yourself into a position to poison yourself again….if you call this number 1-800-395-HELP Option Line, they can help you find a free and confidential pregnancy center close by where they can give you a free test and educate you more on what the morning after pill can do to you and if you are pregnant they can help you with your options and resources and even counseling….I hate to be so blunt and to the point but honey…take care of yourself…you shouldn’t be in this situation at your age….let us know if you are pregnant or not…ok….Love Meg

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