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      alright, im going to start off saying, that this is going to be long…… well, i am pregnant (only 15 yrs old), and the father said that he would be there (hes 20)….. and now that its happening, i dont think he will. i mean at first he told me abortion was no answer….and then i get an e-mail saying i can get one if i wanted. so that shows that he doesnt care anymore…. and i find out hes going out partying and sleeping around…. what kind of dad will he be for my child? and I mean what i dont understand is that when i told him the news he was all for it…saying that it was something he wanted because "i was a keeper" come to find out hes with other ppl. Its just he told me abortion would break his heart more then anything…then the next day i read an e-mail saying…"you could get the abortion"……. and so i replied saying. that i was keeping my baby. I just dont no what to do…… he saids he will be there, but he never has any contact with me. and im still in love with him which hurts even more. what do i do….stop calling him? and just wait for him to call me? or just as i keep getting fatter, send him pictures and hell see whats happening to me?

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