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      oh my, honey. please listen to these girls. i am not aware of your personal upbringing as to why or how you could possibly believe that this man could love you or your children but, you are so so wrong.

      please dont take that the wrong way because, i do personally understand where you are coming from, having been in an abusive relationship for 3 years myself. it wasnt until i started dating my fiance 5 1/2 years ago that i discovered what real love is.

      when you are abused, you are made to feel that you are worthless. you become obsessed with this person and this love you have for them. obsessed with trying desperatly to make them feel this love for you as well. but, they never will. no matter what the situation may be. it wont matter where you live, how many children you have, whether he drinks or not. if your married or how much money you have. nothing will change the fact that he is abusive, and has been and will continue to cheat on you for years and years.

      it is up to you to stop this cycle. to stay away from this man. and allow yourself the opportunity to meet someone who can show you what real love is. even if he ever does change it would take years of you having no contact with him to ever be able to tell for sure. and still, how could you ever live with all the terrible memories?

      i like to think of love in this way…

      think of the love you have for your children. that everlasting, unconditional, blind love you feel for them, and they in turn feel for you. that- that feeling right there is love. and that is the love you should also share with your partner. i know this because, my fiance and i do not have any children. yet- i feel this love every day.

      we do everything in our power to lift eachother up & make eachother better people. we care for eachother. to us, i am the mother and he is the father from now until the rest of our lives, even before our children are even conceived. i feel this love with every look, every touch and every sacrifice.

      and if you take our advice, and walk away from this man. you will someday feel this love too. if not, then i am sure a year from now, you will be back here adding more heartship to your story.

      god bless you, and be strong.



        Very well said, i 200% agree with you.
        Nobody should or deserve to be abused.
        We all have the right to be loved unconditionally, and treated with respect.
        If the person you are with does not have that for you, then you better off with out them. And you will find someone who will make you feel special.

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