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      this is the first time i am to post on this board, tho i’ve meticulusly scanned the forum countless times for the past 3 weeks.
      i need some advice, i am scared i might be pregnant. i’ve had sex with my bf (with an extra-thick condom) last 6 of august, and possibly 23rd of july. (the july during my period). for some reason, i got scared i was pregnant after the 6th of august, because i was feeling sick, and couldn’t eat much. i was also under a lot of stress at the time. my period came (with a helping hand from him (we were fooling around, but he didn’t put it in) about 10 days early. it was heavy between days 2 to 4. days 5 to 7 i was just spotting (more like just stains in the pad). my period was suppose to come sometime around 26th of august.

      on the 7th of sept, i tested and it was negative, i was just using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ test. i don’t know if that is very accurate, tho it says so on the box.

      i am now worried again because i find some little blood when i wipe since monday (sept 10) and now a brownish discharge when i wipe wed (12th sept). we did not have penetrative sex during this month. tho we were fooling (a lot, possibly a week prior to that, or 2 weeks) and on that sunday 9th of sept. he said maybe he was too rough, and must’ve scratched me. i am about a exactly a week away from my period.
      is it possible that i am pregnant? sorry its too long… any opinions would be appreciated.


        I personally don’t think you are pregnant, but you never know. My best advice would be to go to your GP and get tested there, it doesn’t cost anything and is a lot more reliable! Go soon so you can get it figured out!


          just an update if anyone is interested.

          im about a week late on my period… but so is everyone in the family, mum was about 2 weeks, while my sis is still a no-show. im the last person to get it. this morning i did a early pregnancy test, and it came back negative, i’ve read about a really really faint positive but there wasn’t any second line at all. i’ll do a retest again in a week. thanks for your reply breathless!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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