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      Hey girls-

      I need a favor please! My friend just had her baby girl wednesday (sept 27th). But, what should have been such a wonderful experience has turned out to be quite a nightmare. See, she was due exactly one month after me, in January. So she was only 24 weeks. The doctors call it "imcompetent cervix" which simply means her cervix could not hold the pressure and her water literally shot out (all over the nurse several feet away.) Her baby girl was born only 1 lb 3 oz. (thats actually rather big for a 24 weeker) The baby is having trouble with her blood pressure and her blood sugar is high, plus they are worried about her brain bleeding, etc. The chances for a baby at 24 weeks are not terrific but the doctor has given her a 70% chance of survival which is great. However, things are still minute by minute. Also, you can’t take NICU babies home until their due date so you know it will be hard to leave her everyday. But my point being, that we would all be devastated if this happened to us so I just wanted to ask you guys to keep the baby and her parents in your minds and prayers and be conscious if you are having any issues early.

      Kailey 17
      29 weeks


        You’re a good friend. I’ll keep your friend and her baby in my heart and in my prayers. Tell her to keep her hopes up, my nephew was born extremely early too and he is now a brilliant five year old with no problems whatsoever. Good luck and God bless, keep your fingers crossed for that tiny baby.

        Michelle J.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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