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      Hi. Im new to this place so im sorry if my problem is the same as everone else’s on here,i had to sign up to speak to someone asap. In october i lost my virginity to this guy, but i was very drunk and i dont remember usin any contraception even tho i know i made sure he had a condom wit him. Me bein a very paranoid person and all, i dragged my mate to the clinic wit me to get the morning after pill.To be honest i didnt really read about it like the GP told me to i just wanted to get the pill down me! I thought everything was fine after that, except for really unusual,heavy periods. My friend has now brought back the paranoia as she just took the morning after pill and said if abnormal periods happen u have to go back, and i didn’t. Yesterday, speaking to one of my pregnant mates (makes us sound like all of my mates are pregnant,lol we ent) i told her why im off school.. dizziness, feelin tired and this really bad stomach cramp. Followed by the conversation of wantin to start a diet coz ive put on abit round my tummy, she asked if i could be pregnant. Its all starting to make sense if i am but then again,ive been having periods? although they are irregular. I just need some advice or some one to chat to,i dont want to tell anyone around me as im scared of what they might think. Im not ready for a baby, im only 16.But the thought of abortion really frightens me. Can anyone help me? (sorry about the life story..!)


        In VERY rare cases some women continue to have a period while they are pregnant. Some of the symptoms you are having are a little similar to being pregnant. I was 16 when I had my son and it is a frightening thought. To be on the safe side I would take a test. IF you are pregnant you need to see a doctor immediately, if it comes out negative you need to see a doctor and discuss what could be wrong. Keep your head up it will be ok.


          If you’ve been having periods, even if they are irregular my guess would be that you are not pregnant. However if you suspect you might be pregnant perhaps you should take a pregnancy test to find out for sure. It may be a bit frightening, but honestly it will be better for you to know one way or the other. If you are pregnant, I hope that you consider adoption, rather than abortion if you feel that you are not ready for a baby right now. Best wishes.



            Hey! Any news yet? Did you take a test? Don’t worry about what other people might think, of course you’re scared, but you need to find out ASAP to make a decision. Abortion is very scary, and horrible, and I would never reccomend it, but the decision is yours sweetie, so give it a lot of thought, if you are pregnant! That’s the BEST advice I can give. I’ve had an abortion, and I hate even thinking about what I’ve done. 🙁 But, let me know what happens, I’m here for you if you need to talk!! 🙂 Jenn


              Thanks very much for all of ur help, i took a test the friday before last,but havent had time lately to come online for long as ive been studying alot. Anyway got my test, but it was faulty! so i had to head straight out n buy another one iwas so scared, i was told to take it in the morning but i used it at night, anyway im not 🙂 im so happy now, its a big weight off my shoulders! Thanks again for everythin xxxx

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