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      Please help. I’m 17 years old, & i was due on my period on the 24th december. i had un-protected sex before then but my bf didnt cum inside me & pulled out just before he was about to. i then took a test around the 16th bcuz it was the day before the 2 week mark after we did it. i should have taken it on the 17th bcuz that is exactly 2 weeks, buh would it still show if i was pregnant even if i took the test too early? the test came back negative, buh since then we have had un-protected sex & then my period didnt come on the 24th when it was due. it came 10 days later, buh only lasted a day & a half when normally it would last around 3 days & it was a little lighter than what it normally would be, buh i hear that you can still get your period late & e pregnant? on the 4th we then had un-protected sex again when i was still on my period buh i think he might have cummed inside me bcuz he told me to pull out buh it was a litte while after & he was still cumin when i came out. it has gone past the 2 week mark, so i could be from a month to a week pregnant. myself & other people have also been comenting that my breasts have got bigger & the nipple area is bigger they also hurt abit when i touch them hard. i am achey at the bottom of my back & tummy & find it hard to sleep. i also feel slightly sick buh i’m not shure if thats bcuz i’m just scared or if i’m imagining these symtoms. do you think i could be pregnant? i don’t want an abortion buh my rents would kill me & i’m scared my bf will leave me. i dont know what to do or who to talk to, please help!


        Hi there sweety,
        Take a deep breath and relax… Stress can make you feel things that aren’t aren’t always there and sometimes pregnancy symptoms can just be pms. When you have unprotected sex there’s always a chance of falling pregnant. Take another hpt and if it’s neg and you’re still late then get a blood test. You can worry about telling your bf and parents after you’ve found out for sure. Your parents might be a bit disappointed, but they love you and they’ll support you no matter what. And if your bf doesn’t stick around and support you and a baby that was created in love, then quite honestly he doesn’t deserve you. Being a daddy takes alot more than biology.
        Best of luck and pls give us an update when you’ve found out what’s up.
        Prayers and positive thoughts,
        Evangeline xoxo


          If you are pregnant don’t worry. Your parents probably won’t react the way you think. In my family we had a teenage pregnancy. My mother didn’t even allow us to date. My brother had the same fears you do, but my mother was supportive. Afterall, it is their grandchild! If they find out you killed their grandchild, that might be more saddening and aggravating! My friend also expected the worst from her mother when she was 19 and studying, but her mother walked out of the room to calm down and came back saying that she will support them. Your parents know about sex and babies. They had you! They might not be so dissappointed as you think. The worst is soon over and then the excitement starts. And when your precious baby arrives all will be forgotten and everyone will concentrate on the beautiful little one! The child carries your parents genes as well. Don’t kill your baby. babies are wonderful! Get excited – you’re going to be a mommy! If your boyfriend leaves you then it just shows that he doesn’t really love you. It’s his baby! You don’t want to marry a man like that!If he’ll leave you for carrying his baby, then he’ll probably leave for something else too. Then he only thinks of himself, and not his baby’s mother, or his baby! You’ll see that you don’t really care how he feels about the baby when you hold your baby the first time! Your baby doesn’t need him. make the right decision please. When people want to abort, I just want to take that little baby and keep him safe. Please love your baby. The greatest love you can have for your baby is by letting him live. What if your parents decided to abort you? You can do it! Don’t make a decision that will haunt you for the rest of your life! You’ll be glad you kep your baby! Look at horrific images on the net of aborted babies. find out about how they dot it! They will cut your baby up! He has a heartbeat by now!


            tracymom is totally right! Please listen to her!


              thankyou so much for replying backk to me, i really do need some help & advice rightt naww. i’ve missed my period by 6 days naww. i told my bf that i was late the other day through text buhh he didnt say anything & answered everythink in the text buhh about me being late. ino he’s probably worried too buhh i dont know how to talk to him about it face to face & wahh to do naww. i need to get a test buhh im scared about getting wun. i worked out from the calander that i could be 7 weeks gone by naww if i am! please help, im scared & have no-one to talk to.


                honeybunch, please calm down. You’re not really alone. I’m thinking of you and praying for you. If you are pregnant, hold your hand to your tummy, you have a wonder going on! I will soon put up my ultrasound pic of my baby in my gallery. Your baby has a heartbeat by now. You are going through what God intended you to experience. Your body was made for this. There must be a little ecitement and joy in you, concentrate on that. It’s alright for you to b happy! Think, if you were alone on this earth, at your age, and you find you’re pregnant, would you be freaked out? I guss not. That’s because you have social pressures ideas, and ideals now that freak you out. Find an aunt or friend’s mother that you are close to. Speak to them. Ask them to speak to your parents for you or with you. This will calm the situation. You’re not quite so young, and not the first teenage pregnancy in the world! Try to buy a test. Speak to your priest/pastor, ask him to speak to your parents. THIS IS NOT A TAGEDY! THIS IS YOUR BABY! Don’t be scared, ITS NOT A HORRO FILM. Pregnancy is wonderful! Look at all the preggy and baby mags. Tose people are happy in there! Why are you not allowed to be? Babies are celebrated the world over, why must yours be frowned upon? I celebrate your baby! You should too. You are most capable. Just live every moment as it comes. Don’t think too far ahead. The future is most of the time not what you think it will be. For instance I read of a young pregnant girl who died with her baby in a car accident! Now that’s sad. A girl I know is depressed because her few week’s old baby died, and so did my sister’s friend’s unborn baby. She made it to 3 months. You are blessed – you are not BARREN. BARRENNESS IS A TRAGEDY! Live this day. See what happens. There was a girl on our campus, she fell pregnant out of wedlock and wore mini tops and minishorts for all to see her belly. She didn’t care! She celebrated her baby! Be like her – it takes the fun out of the gossip for others! Remember that in 9 months it will all be forgotten. And people will say “Did you see honeybunch’s baby, oh he’s too cute, “Did honeybunch have a boy or a girl?”, “It’s honeybunch’s baby’s first birthday tomorrow!”. And you’ll have pics of your parents smiling holding their beautiful new grandchild! And years from now you’ll all be dead, but your child will remember you! Don’t worry about school. You think and work better when you are pregnant. Think of when you’ll hold your baby for the first time. Oh so exciting. I was the best student at my school, passed with an A average. Got a bursary, studied chemistry…blah blah blah! But my greatest achievement and pride will always be my baby boy. You can take everything away, don’t take my baby boy. Because if you do, I will lose my mind. honeybunch, God is with you. Afterall he is creating the baby inside you. No one else’s opinion can compare to His…and he’s ready preparing a destiny for your child. LET LIFE PREVAIL!


                  thanks for comenting backk again chiic. okay, so I told my bf face to face that I was scared bcuz I am naww 10 days late. buhh he didn’t say hardly anythink buhh “it’ll be alrightt sweetie” then the convo died n we didn’t say any more of it. I really need to talk to him aboutt it buhh I duno where to start! my mum knows I’ve missed my period n she goes to me last nitee “yourr boobs look big” n I’ve noticed that they seem to be gettin bigger. at first I thort my missed period mitee be due to stress bcuz I’ve gone thru a roughh patch lately, buhh naww bcuz everywun else is noticing my boobs ino I’m nawtt imaginin these symptoms. my boobs feel hard n yesterday wen I looked at um I noticed that if I move the inside of the nipple I can see white hard spots that rub away like bits of soft skin. I’ve been gettin sharp pains, abit likee period pains just above my hips n across abit onto my tummy n need to wee alot. I also think I’ve got a more rounder tummy n have put on weight, buhh I dno ow soon you can start to show or if I’m just imaging it! my lower backk also aches n my legs. I haven’t took a test, please help I’m scared n havee so many emotions goin thru me. I really can’t have an abortion n the idea of a baby is scary buhh also I would be kinda happy buhh I duno, is it so rong to feel like this!


                    It’s not wrong to feel happy about the fact that a baby might be growing inside you. Half of your genes: so that’s half of you down to the T! Is your parents okay with it? Don’t worry, big boobs are great! I don’t know if you should be having all those symptoms so early so you might be imagining some. Having a baby is really not that difficult. It’s more joy than anything else. What are you worried about specifically?
                    It would be wrong to think, “I want to kill this child…”, I would say. Be happy. It’s natural. Give way to the joy inside. Isn’t this what you dreamed about sectetly in your heart? Didn’t you play with baby dolls when you were younger? Your body was made for this and you’re perfectly healthy! An abortion will throw your body into confusion. It’s not natural. God did not intend for this! Pray. Tell God everything. Tell him exactly how you feel, give your burdens to him. In his Word he promises to take them from you. Right now he’s probably waiting for you to come to him with your problems. He will help you…just allow him in. Don’t think about other people right now. The natural reaction of a mother is to think of and protect her child. When and if you have your child you will know that you have undergone the greatest journey in your life. Just think, if you die at the end of this year, what do you want to leave behind? An abortion story…or your offsrping; a LIFE? A flesh testimony to your existence? And if you die in the next week, what would you have wanted your last decision to be? One of DEATH or one of LIFE. Leave a legacy of one who chose life, one who stood up against the world for her child. Be that brave woman that others testify of. Abortion is bravery, it’s cowardice. Create a testimony, a beautiful story, not a sad tale of how you killed your first child. You won’t always be 17! You won’t always be on school. You won’t always have parents to live under. Very soon you will be your own woman – Very Soon, believe me! Keep your baby, because you’ll regret it if you don’t. You’re not alone!


                      Please listen to Tracymom… she’s giving great advice!

                      First thing though, go ahead and take a test. You don’t have to worry about what to do or how to feel until you know for sure. 😉
                      So take a test and come back and let us know what the result is!


                        – thankyou for comenting.
                        rightt, well its naww the 12th day of my missed period buhh i came on today buh it was just a likle bit. last month i was also 12 days late & just a likle bit was there, buh it is more than spotting. i spoke to my mum aboutt it & she goes that if i havee came on then its unlikely that im pregnant. buh why else would my boobs be bigger & havee white spots inside them, the past 2 months i have been nearlly 2 weeks late? “/ my legs ache & my body & i feel tied alot & wee all the time. my mum said that i should start the pill today buh i dont think i should bcoz i still duno if im pregnant or nawtt. is there a chance that i can bleed a little & still be pregnant bcoz every woman is different? i really duno if i should take the test or just forget it naww, buhh if i forget it & i was pregnant would the pill harm my baby? “/ help please, i duno what to do!


                          You can still bleed during pregnancy and sometimes it’s normal and other times it’s a miscarriage. But a miscarriage is usually associated with pain I think. Don’t take the pill! If you do, you WILL harm or kill your baby if you are pregnant. You have to wait at least two weeks from conception to take a urine test as far as I know. Sometimes they are wrong as well. The most acurate test you can take is a blood test at the doctor’s.
                          Stress and lots of physical activity can kill your baby in the first week. And what follows is a heavy period and then people don’t even know they were pregnant in the first place! I’m glad you’re able to speak to your mom!

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