Please help me. I am really tensed.

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      hi ,

      I am 20yrs old from India.I had an intercourse 5 days back.Since then i have been going to the loo often,there is a burning sensation when i urniate.I have been having papaya juice because i believe it would cause an abortion .I dont even know if i am pregnant. I am damn scared. Is it because i am having the juice that i am going to the loo so often? Does the burning sensation mean that i am pregnant? My periods are 15 days away. I am so so so scared. Please help me out. Do you know any person on the web who is a qualified expert in this ? I cant tell my parents and my boyfriend himself is scared.Please help.I am having this burning sensation all the time now. Awaiting your advice.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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