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      so i have been on birth control for about 6 months. and i stopped for a month bc my bf was going into training. but he ended up stay another week. where we had unprotected sex; right after my period ended. then a few days later i started spotting. it was darker. so i thought it could just be because i got off the pill. but now i am 2 weeks late and have not started. and i took 2 good preggo test right after my missed period and they both said no (but i took them in the afternoon). then just a few days ago i took 2 dollar preggo test and they said no. but i still have not started and have been feeling really tired and lower back pains. do you think i could be pregnant??

      thanks so much!


        Hi there!
        Well, there is always the possibility that you are pregnant. Don’t get stressed out about it, but do start acting as if you are pregnant (don’t smoke, drink or whatever).
        Get another pregnancy test and take it first thing in the morning (when your urine is more concentrated).
        For some reason pregnancy tests don’t work well for some people. You might want to go get a blood test. (or just get a slightly better quality pregnancy test!)
        Make sure to let us know what happens, ok?
        Good luck hun!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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