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      after my i had my period last month,i took a pregnancy test cos i thought i was pregnant and which the test gave me for this month,i again had my period at the right time.that was on the 6th of May and lasted till the 12th of May which is so very normal.i was glad.
      now my problem is that ive been for some time, having headaches,body pains,my body becomes hot and sometimes when i eat,i feel the food is hanging in my throat and when it happens like that am not able to breath well.and it happens most of the time in the morning and sometimes throughout the day. am so confused again.
      so i want to ask if i can be pregnant and still have my normal menstrual cycle.


        If you are concerned about pregnancy, I suggest to take another test. While it is unlikely that you would have a false negative followed by a regular period, it has happened before.
        Regarding your symptoms you could have a bug. However, you sound as though they are psychosomatic. At one point not too long ago, I experienced the same shortness of breath, aches, etc because I was concerned about being pregnant. It went so far as morning sickness and I was convinced I felt fetal movement. During the month, I took several HPT and all were negative. Take a test and relax a bit.


          i think you are fine, your not pregnant. those symptoma are probably caused by ur period or just in your head.


            hey girl well one thing is that maybe you’re not pregnant and u have something else i had the same symptons and turns out a have a abnormal thyroid so u just get check by a doctor!


              If you are saying you’ve been having your regular period but still have pregnancy symptoms,
              then NO, you are not pregnant.

              You cannot have your period while you are pregnant.
              You may experience spotting, but you described it as
              being normal,
              so I wouldn’t be worried,
              but would still go to my doctor for a check up if you’re uncomfortable
              with what’s been happening with your body.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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