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      Hey wel im 16 and i’m on the pill and about a mnth ago I was put on antibiotics aswel but it stops the pill from working .I was on them for 2 weeks but this happened near the start of taking them I think. we still used contraception tho but
      one time he took it off and it leaked but it wasnt in me but he thinks it mite
      have been on his hand or sumin still… but neway since my period was on really
      lite but for only just 3 days! I keep needing to wee all the time and with not
      much gap between. My boobs are tender and feel strange. I keep feeling sick but
      not vomiting and dizziness and headaches. im really moody and touchy towards
      people and indigestion and burping aot more please help me im really scared im
      planning on doing a test with my bf asap but I feel I havnt got any one to talk
      to what do you recommend? PLEASE PLEASE HELP AND ANY ADVICE ASAP IF YOU CLD
      THANKYOU xx


        Well Bexy first I would make the choice to not let this happen again. If your not having sex there is no chance of getting preg.There is only one record of imaculate conception (Jesus ) Now if you are preg you will need to get care from a doctor asap so you have a healthy pregnancy. Alot of the symptoms you named are preg symptoms. Now they can be brought on by pregnancy and also sometimes out of fear. I was worried one time and I was even throwing up. Stress can make you have these symptoms and the thought of being preg along with the possibility can elevate those symptoms as well. So from here you need to take a test and make sure and when that is done and you know the answer I would encourage you to come back here and read all of these stories. If you are preg I hope for you to find encouragement on here to make right choices and if you are not I hope these stories would discourage you from having sex again untill marriage. I hope this has helped and encouraged you in some way and may you place your feet on a new fresh path today 🙂 God Bless….Meg


          well i just found out i was pregnant a few days ago and i know how you feel….it can be scarey and you can feel very alone….i would wait until your period is about 4 or 5 days late then take a test….it will be able to detect the HCG level better…..its a hormone you produce when pregnt….if you need to talk or just want to let out your frustrations you can chat with me i know hwo you are feeling right now….im scared to death!! good luck oh and thats what i was feeling when i thought i was pregnant… could be either the pills messing with your cycle or pregnancy i would just wait and see if your period comes……


            im not sure if my advice could help but i was 16 when had my son. so i know how you feel.


              well i just suggest getting the test and seeing….and sometimes a girl can cause herself to have symptoms because she is worrying about it so much…so u need to calm down and relax…….


                well there’s only one positive way to know honey. take a test. i knew i was pregnant as soon as it happened…so sont doubt yourself at all. hope all goes well and let me know wat hapens! *tiara*


                  dont stress about it. you could just be feeling these things and not actually be preg. i would go do a test ASAP for you piece of mind. then once you know the result then it will be easier to talk to someone.

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