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      [b]I really have some MAJOR questions! Ok so my boyfriend came over and we didnt really have sex. i mean he put his dinger in me for like 20 seconds and then that was that. But now 2 days later I had extremely bad cramps…i had my period but i am kinda scared because i haven’t had really bad cramps like this…do you guys think i could be prego? i would really like your opinion PLEASE RESPOND! Thank you!


        It is possible to get pregnant from pre-ejaculate. If you had your period I would guess that you are probably not pregnant. If the incident happened only 2 days ago it would be way to early for a test to detect. I’m not sure about the cramps, it could just be really bad PMS. My advice would be to try no to stress too much for now. If your next period is late I would take a home pregnancy test to be sure. If the bad caramps continue in the meantime though you might want to contact your doctor. Also even if he doesn’t ejaculate inside you, you can still get pregnant (or STDs) from unprotected sex.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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