Please help, i need to leave my mom’s house.

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      [size=4]My mother has been a very discouraging, hostile figure in my life. She is very abusive She has discouraged me through my entire pregnancy and I am drained. She calls me names everyday and she loves to yell telling me i’m gonna be a terrible mother because i don’t know how to brush my hair(thats her opinion)
      I don’t want to be in this enviroment any longer. She locks herself in her room all day and night while i’m downstairs taking care of my siblings like i’m their mom. I’m talking washing school uniforms, cleaning up the house, helping with homework on top of my own and etc. I know she doesn’t plan to change, i know i will still be taking care of my baby and my siblings. That will equal serious depression for me. Me and my boyfriend want to move in together. We don’t see the point of being 10 mintues away form eachother and me staying with my mom when we could be together taking care of what we created. We are afraid that she won’t let me leave because she likes the fact that she can come and go as she pleases without worrying about her kids because i’m always babysitting. I don’t even see why i’m still here! My boyfriend drives me to my appointments, he buys me what i need but i’m still here getting abused. A part of me is scared to leave because i hate having confrontations with my mom. I don’t like people who use screaming as a way to make the other person feel invalidated. I really need advice about what to do. I need courage..How to tell her i want to leave? Don’t say sit down and talk with her because TRUST me, she is not that kind of mom. I’m not worried about police or whatever because i’m 17 and i have a legit reason to leave. I really just wanna pack up and walk out. I wanna never talk to her again. [/size]


        I think that you should pack up and leave due to the fact that your mother putting stress on you can impact your baby.. Once your gone, you should call her and let her know that you are alright as well as letting her know that you are not going to be living with her and in order for her to be a part of her grandchilds life, she needs to change.


          Thank you. Thats what i’m going to do. All this stress has caused me to go into pre-term labor.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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