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      hey my name is casey and i’m 15 years old, i got my period last month and right when i ended my boyfriend and i had intercourse several times without protection and such and even after so,we has unprotected sex, after the first time he came inside of me i kept telling myself that i was probably already pregnant since i had just gotten off my period so i didnt really care if he pulled out or not after that. now,after all of that im already getting symptoms. i went to the closest clinic and they told me it was to early to test me and i had to come back in july
      (my period lasted from may 28- june 2) but im anxious to know now, i mean im not scared or anything im actually pretty excited about it,but i talked to my mother (i live with my grandparents,my parents are overseas because my father i military) and she said she didnt know if it was normal for me to have abdominal pains. they’re on and off but are pretty painful,i’m already getting sick at my stomach to certain smells and foods. but i need to know if i’m most likely pregnant or not and if these symptoms are just me over exaggerating and if it really IS to early to tell and if i have to wait for my missed period or not. thanks so much.
      -Casey Briana

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        I took test 3 days before my period was due and got a positive but if your lines are light GO TO THE DOCTOR ASAP!


          Its a little early to be getting sick from smells already. Go to the health clinic and tell them your situation. I am 18 years old and on my first baby i am 10 weeks and 3 days, i don’t even get sick to the smell of foods yet. One of the major signs are your breast start to hurt because they are the first things to start growin.

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