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      I’ve taken three pregnancy tests so far, and they all came up negative. But I missed my period 3 months already, and if i dont get it this month it would be 4 months, my breast have been sore from time to time, and i been getting back aches, head aches, frequent urnation some of the symptoms on the site, I dont know what to do is there a possibility that i can be pregnant


        whats really weird is i am going through the EXACT same thing…ive been on the pill for 6 months or so and have always had a normal period even when i had been on the pill before never had a problem…now its been 3 months and nothing coming..each test is negative as well….


          Hello I am in your same situation.But my preiod has not came in 4 months and I am worried to. I took 3 pee tests and 2 blue tests. What do you in your situation and how old are you. I am 17 and bout to graduate. Please let me know how you took care of your problem!!! 🙁


            that could definatly mean that u may be pregnant, however, it could be down to high stress, or somethin called a flase pregnancy, thats when your body has all the symptoms of pregnancy, but your not actually pregnant. it is well worth going to your doctors and getting things checked out.
            good luck
            a fellow Vicky


              good luck If I were youI would go to the doctor he can run tests I Had that problem inthe pastand it turned out that I was not pregnant these are some signs of utern cancer but it could also be a tubble pregnancy go to the doctor right away. They have free clinics and annonomous clinics they should be able to help. but I wouldget it checked right away. It is not to good to have these symptoms with more than one negative reading.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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