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      hi im 16 almost 17 and i really need some advice. Me and my bf have had unprotected intercourse numerous times. I am usually only a day or two late on my period but i was two weeks late. ( i started on the 18th instead of the 4th) and when i did start, i had a normal flow for a day and then some very light spotting for two or three. iam also hungry all the time, really tired, and very emotional. I find myself crying over the dumbest things. i also just started getting headaches. when i used to take birth control pills they gave me brown patches on my face. (which i guess some ppl get during pregnancy) and now iam getting that too, and im not on birth control pills anymore. My stomach which used to be flat is starting to fill out a little bit in the lower part of my abdomen. also my boobs are larger and the milk ducts are popping out on my nipples. they are really sore. Somebody please help me. a few times before ive thought i was PG but i wasnt. am i just freaking myself out? now i kinda feel like im in denial.. like my head is telling me iam but i dont want to believe it. also my bf told me i was and hes never said that b4 which i think is weird. Please help me ASAP.. i really need some guidance and what to do. Thanks alot!


        Dear Ashley,
        Right now you are at a stale mate, you need to take the test to find out if your pregnant. If you find out that you are pregnant then you can start planning out what you want to do, tell your boyfriend, parents and visit a doctor to see how far along you are. If it’s negative then you need to come up with a plan of protected sex. Use condoms, and I recomend all sexually active girls to go on birth control for added protection against pregnancy. Avoiding the pregnancy test will not make the sitaution disappear you need to find out so you can move forward. It may turn out to be negative, it which case you have spent all this time worried and stressed out. If this is a monthly occurence where you have unprotected sex and then stress about possibly being pregnant then your conscience is trying to tell you that you are not ready to be a mom, so take proper precautions. Once it happends it will be a life changing event, it will forever change what you are and who you are. If you are not ready for that kind of change then you need to protect yourself.
        Hoping for the Best
        Love, Falon


          Hello Ashely. My name is Camille. I’m no doctor but I think you might be PG. It sounds like it but you should go to the doctor and see what they say. If your parents dont know then you should find a local plan parenthood and they treat you and see whats going on with your body. I think you should relax and think about other things rather than being PG. Also please let you bf wear condoms.


            I am so sorry to tell you this but i think that you really are pregnant. 🙁 . I think that you should really get it checked out. have you told your mom about your suspisions? write back to tell me whats up. ok? 🙂


              Hey Ashley,
              I am 18 years old and i am 21 weeks pregnant…i think you should go to the doctor to go get a test done…you very well could be pregnant. You know what is weird?? My boyfriend told me that i was pregnant too. we had sex alot of times before without a condom… and i thought to myself that it would never happen to me so i didnt worry, when he told me to go take a test i just laughed because i knew that i wasnt….well he finally convinced me to take a test and sure enough the test was positive. now when we talk about it… its weird because i have a pregnancy wheel that tells you when you conceived…and that was the day my baby was conceived and when we talked about it… he told me that he just knew from that day. it was a scary thing,,, but being pregnant is the most wonderful feeling…especially when you feel the baby moving… it is incredible. let me know what happens!!


                so i took a test yesterday and only one line showed up. but i still really have this feeling that im pg and it hasnt been two weeks since my spotting incident. so should i wait a few more days n take another one? or should i go to the doctor and do some blood work? my mom told me that when she was pregnant with both me and my brother that the pregnancy tests said negative and when she went to the doctor she was pregnant! weird huh? but thank all of u so much for all ur help.. what do i do now?

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