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      So, my period is almost a week late and I’m getting very concerned as to whether or not I’m pregnant. I broke up with the baby’s father a few weeks ago because I wanted to focus on getting my grades up here at school, but now this has happened. He knows about it and is worried too. What do I do? My RA said I should go get a test and get a definite answer before taking any action. Any advice?


        yep and that would be right- before jumping
        to any conclusions get yourself a test. see what the results
        good luck


          Yeah, you should take a test and find out for sure. Keep us updated and take one step at a time!


            I would say to take the test. Not taking it is not going to make it go away if you are pregnant. That’s the only way to find out what the next step is, if any. Best of luck. Jessica


              Thanks for all your help. I’m planning on taking the test as soon as possible, maybe even today or tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated as to the results.


                [color=#800080]hey girl… i totally know how that is i found out 2 nights ago im pregnant the thing that sucks tho is im only 16, 17 in Feb… you really need to take a test because if you do want to keep the baby and you are pregnant you should get on vitamins and stuff to help it grow so when you give birth its a healthy baby…. i am still with my boyfriend but finding out i am pregnant has only caused problems between us… but i was in the hospital with an intestional infection less than 2 weeks ago and didnt know i was expecting so they did xrays and put me on high doses of pain meds and stuff and my doctor said that if i were to have the baby it would be really sick so i have to have an abortion this thursday coming up… your not alone… there are so many of us out there who are going through this and it totally sucks find someone who you trust and who can help you decide what your going to do and who can be there for you when you need to talk…. good luck hope things become easier if you need anything just let me know…


                  DO THE BLOOD TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  make sure!!!!


                    You know, many doctors say that a baby is going to die or be very sick and that is not always the case. My friend was pregnant this past year and the doctors gave her baby a 0% chance to live – literally a 0% chance. You know what, she didn’t listen to the doctors and not she has a wonderful son that is 3 months old. All he needed was a pacemaker. He is totally fine with no problems whatsoever.

                    If I were you I would at least wait until you are far enough along to get an ultrasound. An ultrasound is a much better way to tell whether or not a baby will be sick than the doctors opinion.

                    There is nothing wrong with canceling the abortion procedure to take some time to think. Abortion is a permanent decision.


                      I just took the test a little while ago and it was positive. I’m scared to death. Now what do I do?


                        I know that it is really scary, but you can do this. You have a little life growing inside of you, and, whether you think that you are ready or not, it can be a really big blessing to you if you let it.
                        Right now just take one step at a time!

                      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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