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      I just found out that I’m pregnant yesterday. I don’t know what to do or what to think. Both my mom and my boyfriend think i should get an abortion. I don’t know if I can be a mom, I’m only sixteen, but I also don’t know if I could live with myself if I got an abortion. I’m afraid to talk to any of my friends because I don’t need this going around school. I just need some advice from someone whos gone through this before.. Please help!


        well congratulations are in order and no i havent been pregnant although i might be and im 18 so i know we have different stories but i really needed to tell you that this is your baby noone else’s and you need to make this decision no matter what anyone tells and you need to know that there are teens out there that has done this and im not saying its going to be easy but you need to be strong for you and especially you’re unborn child.
        oh yeah and these are the times when your true friends stick close to you, so i really hope that you have at least 1 friend thats really close to you that you can trust and if you can google and see if you find a crisis pregnancy centre near you that will help you along would be nice too. stay strong and keep your head up high:)


          Whatever you do – dont give into people pressuring you to do something you are not sure about.
          Perhaps get some counselling? Im from Australia, but i imagine they would have something wherever you are. Im actually doing adoption counselling – im giving my 2nd baby up because i wasnt ready.
          Try and find a neutral party to talk to. Not somebody from an abortion clinic or an adoption agency because they may be bias.
          Take your time. The first few weeks after you find out are the hardest. Wait until you have a clear head.


            Hi there I’m Kaitlin and I’m 18. I’ve never been pregnant but i’ve had a few scares. I can only imagine the fear and confusion you are feeling right now. One of my best friends’ parents had him when they were your age and they did it! =) You may not feel like you can be a mom now but once you see your little bundle of joy for the first time, i can guarantee it’s love at first sight. Don’t go through with an abortion sweetie, you will have to live with it the rest of your life. Best of luck!



              hey darlin!
              first please, take a deep breat and relax, u have to know you are not alone.
              i’m happy that you found this page before u did anythin… i can tell you, from my own experience that abortion is not a way.. it’s been 2 years since mine, i felt in depression,a bad one, then when i thought its better (6motnhs later) the nightmares came..and i have them till now..
              i know that you are strong enough to stand up for that baby.. if you think that you arent able to take care for him, adoption is a option..
              please girl, dont make the abortion, having a baby at your age is hard, but havin an abortion is hell 4 the rest of your life.

              please, give that baby a chance to see the sun, the rain,to smile,to call you mommy, to tell you he loves you..please, don’t do the abortion,stand up for him!

              keep in touch,

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