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      hey im 17 and the mother of a beautiful baby girl of 2months…

      im terrified ive made a HUGE mistake….i had been on birth control 4 days when me and my boyfriend also 17 got totally carried away and had unprotected sex..

      now im getting cramps nausia and dizzyness.. and im terrified i moight be pregnant again.

      my parents have no idea we had sex if theyknew they would NOT be happy.. theyve told me if i got pregnant again they couldnt help me they can forgive 1 mistake not 2.. and me and my boyfriend are in school and both hav a yr and a half to go …i hav my leaving cert too… im so against abortion i know itd kill me but itd be my only oiption i couldnt do it to my or ts parents again my dads in hospital with luekemia he needs the help…i couldnt afford another baby and i want eabha to hav the best of everything

      im also irish so ive no clue how id get an abortion without family noticing..

      please help my stupidity is driving me to depression


        Well first of all, abortion is not your *only* option. Because you have already had a child, you know what to expect in terms of your body changing and things like that. That should relieve a little bit of fear, eh?

        With your parents, that’s a tough one. They want what’s best for you and are afraid for your future. Having one baby was probably a lot for them to take in, so two may freak them out. But remember…YOU are the mommy now. Not your mom. My two boys are close in age and I love it. It is hard in the beginning, but it does get easier, and they are so much FUN!

        God knows your situation. There isn’t anything about an unplanned pregancy that surprises him. :whistle:

        And you know what they call babies born within a year of each other?…"Irish Twins"..hahaha.


          are u bottle feeding or breast feeding? if u are breast feeding it might help with the contraception thing. Have u tested yet? Dont stress until u know for sure.
          Abortion isnt the only option. What about Adoption? The baby gets to live and u get what u want.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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