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      I found out this morning that i am pregnant and dont know what to do. My life is going really well at the moment and i would lose so much if i kept this baby.I know what my partner will say he will want to keep it. but i dont know who to talk to for advice?


        Hi Kath, I’m Lisa and I am from the Stand Up Girl website.

        Can I share something with you? I’m so glad that your life is going so well! Please know that just because you are pregnant does NOT mean that your life will not continue to go well! Pregnancy can actually be a joy. Imagine that there is a little life growing inside of you. At 6 weeks, your baby already is sucking his/her thumb and there is already a measureable heartbeat. Isn’t taht so amazing?

        Kath – I know that the initial news is a SHOCK! I imagine that for your partner it will be also. But remember that this little life inside of you is YOUR baby. You know? This can be the blessing in your life that you can never imagine having.

        See – a few years ago, I chose differently. I live with that painful memory every day of my life. My heart aches for my lost children and if I could do anything to change what I have done, I would.

        But you have so much ahead of you right now. So much joy, love and hope. Please Kath – put your hands onto your tummy right now and realize that the only thing that is separating your hand from your baby is your belly-button (and a little tummy too – hehe).

        Can I also share one of my most favorite photos? It’s an amazing photo. Here, check it out and read what it says down the right side of the photo:

        Let me know your thoughts. OK?

        Luv Lisa


          your baby is a part of you now. if you let it, you will feel worst than how you will feel with the baby..abortion is like killing a part of yourself ..girl you can me..keep your head up & tell your partner that also…this is a time to show other how strong they CAN be..dont give up:side:

          Taurus babe

            It’s so shocking to fing out you’re pregnant. I cried and cried. Just follow your heart. I’m not telling you what to do because only YOU can make that decision. I will tell you about my experience. I chose not to have a baby. I cry about that choice too. If you need to talk, I’m here, so are a lot of other girls with many different experiencs.


              hey kath! aww well congrats on th pregnancy! i no at 1st the inicial reaction is shock but hun jus stop and THINK!

              there is a tiny baby living inside u which YOU created out of love!! just because u feel this way now doesnt mean u still will!! …

              i wish u all th luck in th world and if u need ANY advice r sum1 t tlk t further then post me a comment on my page!

              goodluck!! xxxxx

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