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      I know this is going to sound really wierd but i must tell everyone. On the 9th of this month i had a dream about his girl . DestinysPlea . And The Dream was that she and I were outside at her house and she was sitting on my lap and i was holding this little girl… the prettiest little girl i have ever seen…so Precious …i woke up crying. so i googled her name destinysplea and here it is…. im not sure what this means or what to do…. its the wierdest thing that has ever happened to me. on a side note. Me and this girl used to date a long time ago. im really not sure why i would have this dream and why it would lead me here…..i have tried contacting her to see if she needed anything.. (not to try and get back with her) because i know she hasto be going through a hard time with this. I just wanted to be a friend… someone to talk to her.. help her out.. and obvously some power greater than I wanted me to try . all attempts at contacting her have failed.. anyone know what i should do… or what i should think. i really dont think you should have the abortion ….. If you would have seen the little girl … you would think the same…. her face is still as plain as day inside my head…. please dont do it.

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        This is so sad. "Please don’t do it…"

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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