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      Im very petite like 4 foot ten.. and im wonderin does any one know if this will affect my delivery? and is it true that ur shoe size coinsides with how far youll dialate?



        My daughters grandma is 4’9 and she has given birth twice…I think the shoe size thing is an old wives tale…when your cervix dialates it goes as big as 10 cm, not very big huh…that is where all that pushing comes in…LOL..I could be wrong but your height doesn’t have to do with how well you deliver babies, I have another friend who was still in regular pants when she was full term…she is very slim and petite and you could hardly tell she was pregnant, she has delivered two babies and has one on the way, I think you will do fine, who do you have for a helper while you are in labor?? Your mom, a friend, the dad??? Talk to your mom about this and ask her to share her story of giving birth to you…it might help you get prepared…Love Meg


          Being small has nothing to do with how you’ll deliver your baby!! The shape and size and position of your baby is what matters, if your baby is breech or transverse you may have to get a c section or if the baby is too large (they thought my son was ten pounds! he was nine) they might be worried about the width of the shoulders which can get stuck after the head is delivered causing a serious medical emergency, as for more on the positioning if baby is posterior it can make labour and delivery a lot rockier for you, who knows though, some huge babies slide right out and some small ones get really stuck in there!! You’re size won’t affect it but your baby will! I think you’ll be fine, and no your shoe size has nothing to do with how far you’ll dialate, as Meg says that’s probably an old wive’s tale! Full dialation is ten centimeteres! Good luck, do you know what you are having?? I predict boy!


            ive never heard of that show thing before. If it was a concern im sure the drs would have raised it with you b4. Dont stress, its amazing what ur body is capable of doing.


              well im only 5’1", and that’s after i stand as straight as possible…i dont think it affected my delivery at all…and as for shoes size being how far u dialate, im between a 7.5 and 8.5 and i was a full ten…so that’s just an old wifes tale…

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