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      Hey all,

      I was wondering if anyone here who has been pregnant or is expecting still got thier periods? I went to the doctors last week and she told me that she was 99% sure I was pregnant but the unire test came out negative because she said it was too early for hcg to be detected. She told me to wait a week and see if I got my period. Well I got my period and so I was wondering if there’s a pregnancy test out there that can detect the hcg even if you still get your period. It was figured out that I’m a little over 4 weeks. I asked my doctor what I should do if I still kept geting my period and she told me to wait until Aug when I go in for my rountine pap test. The bottom line is my husband and I don’t want to wait until then and everyone that I’ve talked says that I’m def pregnant but we need that last percent of assurance. Any help would be very very appreciated. Thank you in advance!


        thats a tough one. I know what you. THats a long until august. Well i’m 5 weeks pregnant and i took my first pg test and it came back positive at 3weeks 6 days. Defintly retest in couple days or a week.
        I work with this girl who missed her period. She took a pregnancy test and it was negative. So she went to the doctors the following day. They did a blood test and it turns out she was. So they did an ulrasound to see how far along she was. Turns out she was FOUR months. She had gotten her period the whole time!!!! Good luck!!! Let me know what happens!


          i know what you are going through. i just asked the same question. Yes you can get your period. It might mean something bad, or you can get your period during pregnancy. Don;t be afraid it isn;t bad. i am pregnant too


            Have you had a blood test done?


              Thanks for the replys! I apperciate it! I don’t want to wait until August either. No I haven’t had a blood test because my doctor wants me to wait until Auguest if I keep geting my periods. It’s nerve wracking. Thanks again for the replys!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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