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      Do your periods stop completely if you are pregnant?

      So you don’t come on again until you have given birth?

      Just wondered as someone i know gave birth to a boy, saying she didn’t know she was pregnant until she actually went into labour, but surely she would have missed all her periods for 9 months? :S

      So do they stop completely until you give birth? Or just for the 1st month :unsure:


        ur periods don’t have to stop at all,a women i know(she’s 21 and having her 2nd child in about a month)had her period her whole first pregnancy.


          you don’t have periods, you have spotting and sometimes its heavy enough to seem like a real period. when that happens, you should go to a doctor b/c something may be wrong with your baby. 🙂


            I’ve been having real periods, well what seem normal for the past 3 months after i thought id had sex, i wasn’t sure because i was drunk (big mistake), though my bf said we didn’t ive still been worried about it

            I havent put any weight on or have had any cravings but just been worries about it everynow and again

            Should i be worried or does everything seem okay?


              normally your period stops for the entire nine months, however as already mentioned some women still get spotting for the entire nine months of pregnancy which could be mistaken for or even considered her period, however, I do find it very difficult to believe that anyone could mistake your child’s kicking for anything else, as it is such a distinct feeling.
              Hope this Helps!


                I just feel bloated, had no other symptoms, no tenderness or anything, ive been having normal periods, dont know whether to take a test or not to put my mind at rest. my period is coming up tho, so that maybe the reason i feel bloated?


                  I dont think you should really worry It sounds to me a lot like your period symptoms.. a lot of women tend to get bloated from there period as early as 2 weeks before they’re expected period. Don’t rule pregnancy out but I definatly think your just freaked out. There’s sometimes usually around 7 weeks of pregnancy that you could get something that you may think is your period.


                    Can you have a period just once or twice into pregnancy, then start to feel symptoms. and if so, does this effect the baby at all (size of baby later on)? Also, can smoking and drinking during the first one or two months of pregnancy have an effect on my baby’s size thoughout the entire pregnancy even though I quit both when I found out that I was pregnant?

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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