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      hey ladies, need help/advice! im convinced im pregnant. but i could just be sick?? for the last month ive been feeling like crap pretty much been having so many symptoms. but i got my period 2 weeks ago for 2 days and was rather light i usually have it way longer it was also a week late. ive been reading other peoples stories and they had the same thing then found out a month later they were pregnant. i have taken one test at night and it was negative. please gimme advice?? i just want to know what people think? could i be pregnant?


        – Heyy someetimess when yourr preg; it is possible to get a light vaginal bleeding which isnt a bas thing but it can happen and it can sometime appear as your period but it may not bee it is completly IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE A [PERIOD WHEN YUR PREG you juat may be mistaken yur period for a vaginal bleeding which does occur to preg women.. lotss of women have had this problem before, but just to be saffee you really should go to the doctor and make sure your baby is safe if you are preg, but if your not then it make be something you want to evaluatee..


          Well, a few months ago my cousin told me something about that. My cousin was with a group of elderly women who were talking about pregnancy and she told me that she was positive she heard them saying it was possible for women to have their period while pregnant. she said one of these women had that experience while pregnant with her second child.

          Well, that is what i heard and i hope it helps a little.

          🙂 Cheers!!!!!!!!!!


            I had very heavy vaginal bleeding (like my period) for 3 months when I was pregnant. It is completely possible to have either light (spotting) or heavy bleeding while pregnant.-
            Hope this helped.


              well it is possible to get your period when pregnet coz my dads wife had then and she didnt even know she was pregnet until the doctor saw signs of pregnancy and also she didnt even have any symptons :woohoo:


                it’s 100% possible to have ur period while pregnant. i did my first pregnancy. And it happens all the time. Women can go through their entire pregnancy having their period or not even know that they are pregnant. the only FOR SURE way to know if u are pregnant is to go to your family practioner(doctor) and get a blood test done. That is the only way you will know for sure. And remember it is completely possibly for you to have your period while pregnant.


                  I have read that you can have something similar to a period while pregnant, but it’s not your period because you are not releasing an egg or shedding the lining of your uterus. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck


                    Same happened to me. I had a light period that lasted 3 days and a month later I found out I was pregnant. Im now 22 weeks along with a boy. So you could be pregnant. Only way to know is to take a test.


                      A lot of time that is the implantation bleeding, so you should take a pregnancy test. You can go to and type in your zip code…it will give you a list of pregnancy centers in your area where you can get free and confidential pregnancy tests done. 🙂


                        It’s definitely possible to have your period while pregnant. Although medical facts despute this, my mother had her period for six months while she was pregnant with me. I also have my period, and I’m having symptoms, so I’m wondering if I’m like my mother. But try out some more tests, and try a blood test, since I’ve heard they’re more accurate. Good luck!


                          the only pregnancy symptoms week by week i get with a period is bloating, slight cramps and moodyness the week before!! last month i had sore nipples 10 days before my period, sore breasts the 4 days before my period due, slight twinges were period pains would be, and quite a lot of discharge, sadly it never got past a faint positive when i started bleeding 2 weeks later but im keeping my head up and i know what to look out for next month hopefully 😀 good luck hunn hope this helped, you know your body best!!! x

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