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      Well, I had sex with my bf on January 18 and then soon after i began having pregnancy symptoms like tiredness, nausea, dizziness, bloating, sore breasts that kind of stuff. then i had my period on February 1st it was heavy like normal but then stopped for half a day (unusual for me) then started again. Since i had had my period all thoughts of pregnancy disappeared but then in February i began having the symptoms again except worse like my boobs hurt a lot worse than they ever have and i had my period again but went on and off like last time my friends are telling me about the other girls in my school having their period until three months into their pregnancy and idk what to think… can anyone else give me ideas of what’s going on or your opinions if i could be pregnant or not? oh and also in january i took a pregnancy test and it had a faint + sign but… idk 🙁 if you could help me out thx 🙂


        You can’t actual hav e aperiod while you’re pregnant, but you can have some spotting for a number of reasons. You should make an appointment to have a blood test, because it could be one of two things; a false positive test, or you were pregnant and for some reason or another ended up miscarrying. Did you have cramping accompanied with the bleeding? and if so, was it worse than you normall have with your period? Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you are worried you are pregnant, you may trick yourself into having the symptoms, and also delaying your period. But my advice would be to see a doctor asap. I hope I’ve been of some help, good luck! 🙂


          It prob. wasnt ur period. You do get bleeding during preg.


            Well I would take a test to find out for sure. Sometimes during pregnancys you do get bleeding and thats another option. Just try to relax! Good Luck!


              Well it all depends on certain things like your period history as well as your families, and your age could be a factor. I got pregnant at 15 and bled until I was 6 months pregnant. My doctor said it was fine as long as I wasn’t filling up a pad within 8 hours. Now with my other 2 pregnancies I had no bleeding at all. I did have some slight spotting towards the end with them both but thats not unusual either. My advice is go to the doctor they are the only ones that can tell you for sure. It also might be a “sack baby” which is where you have a sack where a baby should be but it never formed. You have bleeding like that as well as pregnancy symptoms because your body is tricked into thinking its pregnant and starts producing hcg. Best of luck I hope it all turns out how you want.

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