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      So I had my period, as many of you know from a previous post.
      The question still lingers in the air though: Am I Pregnant?
      I am having symptoms, and they are not subsiding.
      I was feeling nasueated the week after my period, which usually happens for the 3 days before my period. I am still having nasuea…
      I had this painfulness in my vaginal lips ( usually have it during my period because of all the bloodflow down there!) but this came for the week and a half after my period.
      I have been breaking out, which never happens because I am on an Acne medicine perscribed by my doctor.
      My breasts seem to be larger, and they are tender to the touch.
      My belly, although there has always been a "bump" there, because I like to snack πŸ˜› , is bigger somewhat, and feels "full".
      I was cramping last night a bit, but then it went away.

      A question I had, was simply this: is is possible to have your period during pregnancy? Or at least the first few months?
      My period usually lasts 6 days, while this last one only lasted 4 days….

      I tested a few times, but kept getting negatives
      Is it possible to get negatives up until a certain time in pregnancy?

      I have a Yearly Physical coming up on Oct 3rd, so i will have my doctor check then if my symptoms do not subside by then.

      Maybe it is just wishful thinking………but I am having symptoms that i have NEVER had before


        i kinda have the same thing goin on now except i tested like 2 months ago n the line was really really light an i havnt had my period for almost 3 months but the other day i started spottin a brownish color n now its a lil heavier but not really n i have no period feelings an i have prg. symptoms. n i jus took another test n it came up neg. but i really wanted to kno what was goin on to bc i got my hpoes all up n was excited n now idk if i am =(

        claire bear

          i have been getting alot of pregnancy syptoms but now im really dispointed because i came on this morn but its not implantaton bleeding or anything because itss too heavy, i want to be pregnant although have not been trying but since i thought i was i want to be now , i feel really upset i want to know if it is possible to be pregnant and have your period?!! im so confused. im only 16 too! my belly has also got a bit bigger and tighter and iv been lookin at pictures of pregnant people and the bumps in the same place πŸ™ dont no what to do πŸ™ xx

          claire bear

            turns out i was pregnant!!!! but i lost it a month later!! dont think it was due to having my period though πŸ™ fingers crossed im maybe pregnant again πŸ™‚ i feel like i did before but this time iv has some pinkish spotting πŸ™‚ hoping!!!!

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