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      i’m 13 and i would like to know if you girls would like to help me with a school project your names will not be told or anything like that but i….. :blush: was just wondering if you could mabye answer some questions for me thanks :ermm: by the way i’ll understand if you don’t but just thanks for your time. if you do want to help then please write back on this. :cheer:


        What’s your project? I am guessing that you are looking to interview teenage moms and pregnant teenagers. I’m 28 so I doubt I’m the demographic you are seeking, but if you still want me to answer some questions I’d be glad to help with your project.


          Yes i would like to interview you. it’s for a social studies project. i go to conyers middle school just in case you’d like to see that it’s true. So first i’d like to thank you for your time.So for starters when were you pregnant? did you have any plans before you got pregnant? was it an accident to get pregnant? is you baby’s father in his or her life? is you family still beside you? what’s you baby’s name how old is she or he? is it a boy or girl? do you have any regrets? well if this is to personal or overwlming you don’t have to answer them.



            I am a 16 year old and 8 months pregnant. I’ll answer any questions that you may have!


              I couldn’t open the link you posted but I believe you.

              When was I pregnant? I am still currently pregnant. I am about 16 weeks along. I found out when I was about 7 weeks pregnant. If my calculations are correct conception should have been sometime in the very end of May.

              Was it an accident? No. Not exactly. We had disconued birth control and had planned on starting trying to get pregnant aiming for a few months further down the road. We didn’t expect to get pregnant right away, but that’s how it happened.

              Is the baby’s father in our lives? Yes. He’s very supportive. We have been married for six years and he is scarred but excited at the prospect of being a daddy.

              Is my family behind me? Yes. This is the first grandchild on both sides so both families are very excited and supportive.

              What is the baby’s name? How old is s/he? Is it a boy or girl? We haven’t found out what sex the baby will be yet. I still haven’t decided whether I want to know before it is born (my husband wants to know.) We’ve picked out a handful of girls and boys names that have potential but I don’t think we’ll have a definitive name until the child is born.

              Do I have any regrets? Not really. (Ask me that again when I go through changing diapers and sleepless nights or when the child goes through the terrible twos or teenage years 😉 ). I don’t think I’m as prepared for parenthood as I could be but ready or not… I’m not sure anyone can be completely prepared.

              Hope this helps with your project.


                Hey Gods_child,

                I was 16 when I got pregnant, it was one month after my 16 birthday. I am now 23. I did not even think about having a child at that age, so it was unexpected. It may have been an accident that I got pregnant, BUT never was my pregnancy an accident. I have a beautiful little 7 yr old boy now that I love more than anything in the world. No my son’s father is no longer in OUR lives he left us when my son was 16 months old and hasn’t seen him since. My family is still very much behind me. Every day they show their love and affection for him and tell me how proud of me for the things I have accomplished since I had him. My son’s name is Damon and he is going to be 7 years old on October 28th. I had regrets at first that I would never finish school, never have a good education and pretty much my life was over, as a lot of young mothers think. But now I have gotten my GED in 2002 and this past february I started college. I got married to the love of my life July 23rd and everything in my life is where it needs to be right now. My only regret, if you would call it that, is it took me this long to do it.


                  Hi you can ask me i was 15 when i found out but i was 7months gone n had him at 16

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