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      I’m not sure whether I’m just being paranoid because it’s my first period after my first time having sex, or whether my fears have a basis.

      I’m 17, and have been using the withdrawal method. My boyfriend and I are very much in love, but both young. In the past couple weeks, I started worrying that our method may not have been the wisest.

      First off, I’ve been feeling hungrier more often than usual. In fact, I’m fairly hungry now (a midnight snack is in order after I post).

      Secondly, for about a week and a half, I’ve gotten a burning sensation when I urinate (which is quite frequently). At first I thought, "Oh, it’s just a bladder infection from too much soda" and it could still very well be that. I was checking symptoms of a bladder infection online and I fit them all, but the part that really added to my worries was that pregnant women get them more frequently than a normal woman. I haven’t had a bladder infection since I was about 4 or 5, so you can see why it was out of the ordinary and would arouse suspicion.

      Lastly, I was supposed to start my period last Sunday, on July 2nd. It could still be that it’s just out of wack as teenage menstrual cycles can sometimes be, but I’m still fairly worried.

      I’ve spoken about it briefly with my boyfriend and we both agree that if I am pregnant, we want to keep the baby. I told him that if I haven’t started by next Sunday we may have to worry a bit.

      Any advice? Are these all just random things that I shouldn’t worry too much about, making me paranoid? Or are they logical symptoms of pregnancy?

      Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling. 🙂

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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