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      What would yall recommend for the best/easiest pain relief for labor and delivery? Like what have you used..and what did you have for an experience, if you want to say that, during labor/delivery?


        I had sadiol for pain and phenegran for nausea in my IV. I don’t remember labor I thought I slept through the whole thing. I only remember when my water broke up until I started pushing and I remember everything from then on.


          i got an epi..i prolly could have gone all the way through my labor w/out it but my contractions were so close and strong that they were NOT helping me dialate so the epi helped slow and lessen my contractions so i could progress like i should….and i needed sleep…lol…


            I had an epidural . It was the best thing. Unlike most people believe, you can still feel the urge to push. It didnt hurt to get it at all, and after I did, I didnt feel any contractions. Id recommend it 100%!! .. It made my labor and delivery such an amazing and enjoyable experience!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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