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      I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second baby and im having a hard time. Im having servere pelvic pain and lower stomach pain , I think its my muscles , i cant get out of bed in the mornings , thats when it hppends when I have been lying down for a while and then i try to get up orif im just sitting for a little while and ty to get up im in so much pain , i go to the doctor tomarrow but i already called and todl them about it and they had no idea and told me to take tylenol……but that doesnt help i cant take it everytime i want to get up off hte couch…..Has anyone else eer had this problem ?


        yes i had it w my daughter i was in so much pain i thought i was dying..its just your muscle and tendons stretching i was in the hospital for 3 days just to find that all it was they call it basically baby growing pains! Good luck w everything!


          I have it at 5 weeks! When I stretch it really hurts. Otherwise its just dull cramps. I asked the nurse about this and she said even with her second pregnancy she thought she knew everything, until this happened to her! LoL I read somewhere that exersizing helps some what. Like walking (not tummy crunches! LOL ) πŸ˜› Hope I kinda helped πŸ™‚


            Im 35 weeks along and Iv been struggling with this pain for a while. They told me it was because my son is so low in my pelvis already. They passed it off as not a big deal but i dont think they realize how much pain it really is! I have trouble walking around and getting up after i sit. Its alot of pain i know! I wish i could help more but i havent found anything to relieve it yet. If I figure anything out ill deffinatly tell you! But dont be scared… its normal.


              heyy im 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Im having a little boy. I had really bad pains in my lower stomach area and it reallu concered me. My doctor told me that it was just my legamints streatching and that eveything would be okayy. πŸ™‚ i hope that helpss



                I had it last week and I went to the hospital for it. I am 19 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I was examined and they told me it was just ligament pain. It was. It is gone now, thankfully. It was horrible when it happened, though. I hope this helps!


                  :laugh: That is good news in fact!!! Your baby is growing and getting bigger!!!! that is your ligaments and muscles stretching! But NEVER EVER just ASUME things. Rather go to the docter with anything that bothers or hurt you or anything that does not feel okay. Rather save than sorry. πŸ˜‰

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