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      My boyfriend and I had sex and well we were drunk and he didnt use a condom. But he didnt ejaculate inside me. Is it possible for me to get pegnant? This happened two and a half weeks ago. My breasts have been extremely sore for the past week and then yesterday I just started feeling extremely sick. And I have the first yeast infection I’ve ever had. And on the box of the Monistat I got to treat it, it said if you have recurring yeast infections contact your doctor, you could be pregnant. All of this could just be an upcoming period and the sick feeling could be from starting college. My stomach has been hurting too. Like cramps kind of. So maybe I’m just stressed and it’s making my body act weird. But the breast soreness is the worst. I just dont know. Overreacting or no? :unsure: I dont want to stress but maybe I am. I mean what were yall’s symptoms and what do ya’ll think? I would really appreciate some advice. God Bless. <3


        you could be pregnant i got really sick with this pregnancy and with my daughter and im actually in tthe beginning of mmy 5th month and still sick…but the breast hurting could be your sign there go to your doctor and get a blood test not a pee test its never accurate i did 7 pee tests with this pregnancy and nothing came home did a home pregnancy test and came out positive right away lol so go to the doctors definatly tell him all your sympotoms and make sure you tell him all of them.


          It is still possible that you are pregnant. Even before a man ejaculates there is still sperm that can (of course) make you pregnant.
          I think that Strongerthanmost1991 is right… you should go get a blood test done.
          And by the way, if you have a yeast infection it will really help if you go off of sugar and eat more fruits and veggies and plain yogurt for a little while. 🙂


            Thanks for the tip about the yeast infection. Okay whether its pregnancy or something else, something weird is going on with my body. My breasts have never been this sore for this long in my life. My stomach has never cramped this bad. I had claw marks in my legs because i dug my nails into them from the cramps. And I never have bleeding this light. I was like YES i started tonight. Because I was supposed to start yesterday. But now I just feel more sick. I already have severe acid reflux and its worse. My sleeping pattern is WAY off. ALL i want is soup and ice cream. Usually about now I would want a three taco combo from taco bell. Or two roast beef sandwiches from arbys. But eeewwww. Just typing that makes me feel sick. And I swear yall I cant tell up from down as far as my body goes. I KNOW somethin is wrong. But idk what. If I started my period I cant be pregnant, well its not likely anyway. But it’s just plain weird. Usually I’m tired all the time. Right now, I’m goin and goin but once I fall asleep, buddy I’m out. Its not like the pregnancy symptoms because most of those are usual for me. It’s like the opposite. Like a body change. Is something wrong with me? I need advice ASAP. Thanks. God Bless <3


              It really sounds like you are pregnant. But if you are having cramps that bad you really need to go to the doctor and see what’s up.
              Are you still bleeding? Because some women that are pregnant do still bleed a little when their period was supposed to come.
              So just because you were bleeding doesn’t mean that you aren’t pregnant.
              So yeah, you need to go to the doctor, especially if you feel like something is wrong.
              Let us know how it goes, ok?

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