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      For the last couple of nights i’ve been getting serious pains in my lower back and sides. Its been keeping me awake and making me feel even more tired than normal! i’ve tried using hot water bottles n stuff but nothing seems to stop the pain, especially when its accompanied by a gentle ache at the top of my stomach! Amd when i walk for more than 10 minutes i get a feeling which feels like a stitch on the lower part of my abdomen, but its in the same place on both sides of my body. Im 18 and about 16-18 weeks and i have tried to book a doctors appointment but they can’t fit me in til next weds! stupid english NHS!

      Please write back, im worried that something could be wrong xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


        dont worry sweetie jus book an appointment whenever yu can! Im 6 mths and im 16 years old and my back always kills and that pain in yur tummy is just ure muscles growing i kno this bcuz i had the same thing and i went 2 the doctors and he said it was normal so dont worry sweetie take kare rest lots! and congratz on yur pregnancy!


          i knew i was prob just over-reacting, i always do that, lol. anyways, i made my appointment, but they phoned me up on tues morning and said they had to cancel it! The UKs medical service is going downhill!!

          its nice to be reassured by someone who knows what im going through! and im feeling much better now (apart from the fact that i seem to have caught some cough and cold virus thats going around lol!)

          So thanks for helping me out, and congrats to you too!!!! if ya ever wana chat im always on here lol….its nice to talk to people the same age as me who are in the same situation!!!!

          Loadza luv, jess x x

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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